Enjoying Life

So, June already! And to think it’s only another three weeks before the nights start getting longer again. What a thought. What a horrible thought. It’s been a busy month and yet nothing much has been going on apart from gardening here. We had lots of pots and bedding plants and veg to put out. Thankfully, that’s all done and the gardens are filling out nicely. Although the weather has been good, I’ve not been able to spend many early mornings after dawn outside enjoying my coffee to the sound of the birds and bees. Mornings have been on the chilly side, although today, it was glorious out there, and so was I.

Dave went back to work a fortnight ago, following being home for 7 weeks recovering from his surgery, which means the house is strangely quiet. In fact, I miss him not being here. Still not for long. He’ll retire at Christmas, he told me that first morning he went out the door. Ha ha! Knew that wouldn’t last because he’s so totally enjoyed himself being home pottering in the garden etc and we did have lovely dry weather for those weeks. He came home yesterday announcing he’s handed in his notice and will be retiring at the end of this month! And so he should, considering he’s only a few months short of his 70th birthday. Mind you, how long it will last before he’s bored and looks for a part-time job, time will tell.

And what else… ah yes, … I’ve joined an art group. I’ve been wanting to for some time but being the shy, nervous sort I’ve put it off. The one I’ve been considering had a recent exhibition of their work so I toodled along to suss them out, see what sort of art they produced and if they were taking new members. I was impressed with the work on show and the people I met and so took the plunge. After a 2-week trial, we decided we liked each other and last night I signed up for the year. There’s no tutor, people paint whatever they choose, in whatever medium and simply enjoy the company, the banter, help and advice. Having produced a reasonably good little piece during this trial period (bluebells, of course!) the group leader kindly offered for me to hang several pieces in the room as they like to have work on display as other groups, such as flower arrangers/flower shows, WI meetings, knitting group, and others meet in the venue, and sales are often made this way. The group has regular exhibitions and shows themselves open to the public so it’s just a matter now of deciding which to frame and show.

Before I go, I thought it time to give an update on our now not so little George. It’s been two years since he underwent major surgery to correct his misaligned hips etc. It’s been a hard time for him but he’s persevered despite hating constant physio and the discomfort he suffers. Often he simply refused to do his exercises. He’s walking well with aids, his spine is good and straight, but basically his left leg is still not completely fused 2 years post op. So there are 2 options: do nothing, or put the lad through further surgery in the hope the gap in his bone fuses. On a positive note, at least he is not in any pain or discomfort!  His parents have also taken him out of the ordinary state school as he was definitely missing out, nor could the staff give him the time or attention he needed. It was certainly holding him back. He’s now in a special needs school and thriving. He even went away for a week on a school trip without his parents. They worried all week – he loved every moment. His speech has greatly improved, in fact I gather he rarely stops talking! Mind you, he’s just as cheeky and mischievous as he’s always been, like any 10-year-old. That’s what we love about him. Always laughing, always cheerful. And despite all his problems, they are a wonderful, lovely family enjoying life as best they can.


15 responses to “Enjoying Life

  1. Lovely post Kit. Good to catch up with your news and so glad to hear about George’s progress.

    • Thank you, Jo. All the fundraising and efforts are certainly paying off. To see George doing so well makes the heart swell. He couldn’t have done it without the kind generosity of so many people. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for the update on George. He made me stop and think and take measure of what’s important. We need more George’s in this life.

    Congrats to Dave. I retired when I was 52 with the idea I’d play for six months and then pick up a part time job. HAH! Never happened, I simply enjoy life to much and didn’t have any trouble filling the extra time. In fact could use a little more of it.

    Love this time of year and seeing your gardens. We’ve had a cool wet spring but the flowers, some more than others, seem to love it. Have fun with the painting group, looks like you chose wisely there.

    • George is an inspiration to us all in his determination to enjoy life and those 7 weeks Dave was at home made him finally realise it’s time to relax and enjoy life instead. He’s deserved it. The garden’s looking good although very bedraggled and windswept today as we’ve strong gales and heavy rain here at the moment. Summer has left us for a while, methinks. 🙂

  3. Such wonderful news all round! Dave retiring – I really hope so and so thrilled you are now involved in an art group as it’s social as well as spurring each other on! And as for little George – well, he’s grown so much and what a little battler he is; let’s hope that bone fuses (sending prayers) and so glad to hear how well he’s doing. Great to have ‘good news’ with the trying times in the world at the moment. Xx

    • Thank you, Linn. I just have to find Dave another hobby besides gardening and watching sport on TV. I’ve told him I’m preparing a list of all the jobs needing doing around the house. I won’t repeat what he said. Seriously, we are both looking forward to spending some quality time together now. After 40 years we both deserve it! 🙂

  4. It warms my heart to hear that George is thriving emotionally and is happy. I hate that he might have to go through another surgery, but if the odds give him an easier life… It’s hard to decide those things, I know.
    As always, your painting is absolutely lovely! I’m excited to hear you’ll be showing your work more (in the meeting room and in their shows, hopefully). Enjoy!

    • We’re all hoping they won’t operate on George again. The poor lad gets understandably very distressed as it is in hospital for check-ups and another round of surgery will surely put him back again.

      Am enjoying the painting more than ever. Will take some photos when the work is finally on show. I still can’t make up my mind which to put up. 🙂

  5. the garden is lovely and I’m excited for your husband as he enters this new phase of his life. I hope you and he have many happy years of retirement to enjoy together. I love your painting and super excited that you’ve joined a group. Nice to have like-minded folks to be around.

    Thanks for the George update. He seems a resilient little chap and I’m glad he’s doing as well as he is. I hope for the best for him and will keep praying for his continued health and healing. Jillian

    • The garden is coming on well but being tossed about by high winds; that’s the trouble when you live high above a major river esturary – it blows straight in from the Atlantic. Thank goodness for canes, ties and supports. Joining the art group has proved itself worthwhile already; it’s given me more confidence in what I’m doing. We’re still waiting to hear the outcome re George having further surgery. I really hope he doesn’t have to go through more. 🙂

  6. So pleased to hear George is doing well, despite ongoing problems for him. He really is an inspirational boy. Had to laugh about his mum and dad worrying about him on holiday, while he was having a ball. How typical is that?

    Well done to Dave on taking the plunge! I can’t wait to hear what he gets up to, LOL! And your garden is gorgeous. Always makes me want to get more colour into mine.

    Congrats on joining the art group. I’m really pleased you’re enjoying it and it’s great that you’ll be able to get your work on display. It deserves to be!

    • Dave and I both have a lot of adjustments to make at the end of the month but we are looking forward to spending a lot more time together. He’s even threatening me with a holiday abroad – we shall see. The art group was certainly a good move, I’m enjoying every moment. 🙂

  7. Good luck to Dave and you in this next phase of your lives. I’m pleased to hear you’ve joined an art group and look forward to coming to an exhibition.. Please let me know when first showing is planned. George is such a brave boy and determined, hope he continues to improve.

    • Thank you, Jane. Will shout out when the first exhibition comes up – some time in November, I do believe. We are so pleased George is doing well. As to Dave and I, we both have a lot of adjustments to make but as our house is normally full of fun and lots of laughter, as well as flowers and plants, I know we will enjoy our retirement time together. 🙂

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