Birthday Girl

15 weeks old

Vivvy at 15 weeks!

It’s hard to believe but Ms. Vivvy will be three years old next week! Wowee, where has the time gone? We adopted her just under two years’ ago and she’s been an absolute joy…and in unexpected ways. She’s not only gorgeous, well-behaved (mostly) and adaptable, but she’s so friendly and cheeky that she’s got quite the reputation here in the village where we live. We’ve lived here over twenty years now and until we started puppy-walking for guide dogs we only really knew a handful of people. That wasn’t helped by the fact we were both working during the day, too. Walking Vivvy has changed all that and now we have made so many lovely new friends and we really enjoy exploring the gorgeous countryside surrounding us.

Almost 3!

Vivvy – almost 3!

Because Vivvy has loads of doggy friends in the village I wanted to throw a ‘four-paws-party’ next weekend to celebrate her birthday and invite her chums along for fun and games in the garden. AJ thinks I’ve taken leave of my senses πŸ™‚ While considering logistics I think he might be right. One of Vivvy’s BFFs is a sensitive little girl who gets stressed about the vagaries of the outside world, and her mum is currently trying to get her to come into our garden so that the girls can play while we enjoy a coffee, but until that happens I can’t consider a party without Vivvy’s special pal in attendance. Then there are a couple of dogs who don’t like each other, one who is very possessive over balls, another who barks incessantly when he gets excited…all in all, maybe a party is a trifle ambitious.

So, I’ll be making a special liver cake (yuk!) for our birthday girl (with candles of course) and she’ll have a special outing to the seasideΒ  (her most favourite place on earth) and extra special hugs from us.

2017-05-27 15.44.18

Proud Daddy!


12 responses to “Birthday Girl

  1. Oh my gosh. I can’t believe she’s three already! What a joy. You know, I read a book a while back…Merle’s Door, about a dog and his human companion and their bond. This dog basically became the unofficial mayor of the town because of his daily rounds. So Miss Vivvy for Mayor!
    I do think you’re right to squash the party idea. That could turn nasty quickly. I think Vivvy will love the seaside and cake much better.
    Happy, happy birthday Miss Vivvy!

    • Thanks, Laurie! And I love the idea of Vivvy for Mayor. To be honest, sometimes I think they’d do a better job πŸ™‚ Yes, party idea has been relegated to the ‘let’s not do this’ drawer!

  2. AWwww, 3 years old where does time go? So seems Miss Vivvy is a service dog after all. Just not what had been envisioned. A good will ambassador is a worthy calling and heck lets skip Mayor, how about president. I love these pictures she is so beautiful. Oh and I’d vote for the beach and skip the party though betting she’ll love the cake.

    • The time goes far too quickly, doesn’t it? I sat Vivvy down and told her she is absolutely forbidden to get any older now, LOL. Vivvy for President? Yay, that was a quick promotion from mayor to the big seat πŸ™‚ And yes, she’s had the liver treats as tiny training bites, so I’m thinking a big cake is going to send her into doggy heaven πŸ™‚

  3. Vivvy is wonderful. Hard to credit it’s almost 2 years since we talked about you having her – great decision. Liver cake? You are brave! Right not to have mad four-legged friends’ birthday party. Seaside better for 3 of you. Happy Birthday my darling goddog! X

  4. Well, Janey, you lived through all the discussions in the early days and gave me sage advice in the process, so thank you! And your god-dog-daughter thanks you, too πŸ™‚ I’ll save you a slice of cake!!

  5. Two years already! Where has the time gone? I can’t believe it’s that long since we talked about you wanting her. She’s a gorgeous lady and worthy of spoiling with a birthday party but glad you didn’t have one in your lovely garden. Perhaps next time, a doggy party in the local park? PS: I’ll pass on the cake, thank you. πŸ˜‰

    • LOL, Kit! Yes, it’s two years since we talked about my wanting to adopt Vivvy. Scary, isn’t it? And it’s strange how people keep passing on a slice of that cake! Mind you, had you seen how unappetizing it looked…although Viv didn’t seem to mind πŸ™‚

  6. Happy birthday, Vivvy. Hope you enjoyed your cake. Jillian

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