18485716_10212426124505180_6727562303866168197_nKennedy Lee is two days old in this picture and has absolutely captured our hearts. She was born May 13th and came into the world showing she knew how to express her opinion. Since then she has been teaching her mom and dad the meaning of sleep deprived. They even went down and got a baby wipe warmer in hopes that she’d be more receptive, no cold wet wipe for her. J

And for Grandma & Great Grandma well we are feeling sort of in awe of this little lady. For sure she owns her world.





14 responses to “Kennedy

  1. Oh my gosh. She is SO beautiful! And precious…and perfect…and everything a baby should be. Including vocal, which it sounds like she is. Lol. Her parents will survive the sleep-deprivation. And you grands and greats will get to just love and enjoy. 🙂 Thanks for the pictures. They are all AWESOME! Welcome to the world, little Kennedy!

  2. So happy for Char. We just have to get together and catch up!

  3. Gorgeous baby. Welcome edition to your family.

  4. She is absolutely gorgeous! What a precious little bundle of absolute joy, even considering the sleepless nights! A baby wipe warmer! I can see she has her mom and dad firmly wrapped around her little fingers. Congrats to the proud mom and dad, grandma, and great-grandma! 🙂

  5. She is beautiful Lavada, I bet you are loving being a great grandmother, it is the best grandkids and great grand babies

    • Thank you, you are so right I am loving being a great grandmother and watching Kris enjoy being grandma. Char was over yesterday for most of the afternoon. I’m glad they live so close

  6. Beautiful little love. So happy for you all. Enjoy her!! Jillian

  7. Oh my! What an absolutely adorable child. And what a beautiful name. I want to pick her up and hug her. Give her a special little hug from me please. Enjoy each precious moment. (Sighs … my grandkids are grown. Perhaps I’ll be made a great granny one day… hope so.)

    • They had the name almost as soon as they knew she was a girl. We love it too. She’s 3 weeks old and growing fast, already out of the newborn size. They would fit but she’s too long. Thank you helping us welcome into the world Kit.

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