Hope each of you ladies had a wonderful Mother’s Day.  The weather here was even NOT RAINING, which is pretty unusual for us here lately.  I’m sure Spring is right around the corner and we will all be doing our “outside dance” and hoping for a rainy day when we can cuddle down with that good book we never got finished.  Speaking of good books, my Mother’s Day present from Jim was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s new book called “Coach Wooden and Me”.  I have all his books and always enjoy reading them so I was pretty excited.

So—I started by Mother’s Day with a two mile hike looking for my cows that didn’t come in this morning.  That was two hard miles because our woods are full of down limbs and even some trees from this winter that we haven’t gotten cleaned up yet. (Waiting for some of the water to go away).  I couldn’t find them so I drove up and down the road looking, thinking they wouldn’t really go far.  Still – no cows, so I came back went back to the woods and there they were, two of them were lying down and one standing up, they were probably all laying down when I looked the first time and they were behind a tree that had fallen.  There was a nice patch of grass and I guess that’s where they decided to spend Mother’s Day because tonight when I went out to find them again they were in the same place and just gave me a disgusted look that said “leave us alone!”  I’m seriously thinking about getting rid of all of them this fall, don’t think I want to handle another winter like the last one with them.   It wasn’t really fun tromping through the snow and then the mud to feed them twice a day and just trying to keep their water thawed out was a major chore.  We’ll see, I usually cry when I think about them not being around and summer is always easier and I’ll probably completely forget how hard this winter was.

Anyway I hope you are all having a great spring and enjoying a little outside time.  We have been going to softball and have had only two warm games and the season is almost over except playoffs and state, here’s hoping for at least some 70 degree weather.  Oh, and Missy has not been out of our sight since her little “run away trip”.  I’ve even taken her to ball games with us.  She seems perfectly content to be pampered A LOT.

8 responses to “SPRING

  1. Glad Missy is enjoying her pampering. Makes you wonder if it was her grand plan all along! 🙂

    Sorry about the cows and your trek with them. And I hope you make the right decision for you and them before the winter. I can relate to being torn about it. Not that I’ve ever had cows but I have had tough decisions. LOL

  2. Once the pasture critters were gone I didn’t seem to mind and I for sure didn’t mind not going out in the wet and cold for them. I’m agreeing with Jillian in that Missy might have had a grand scheme all along.

  3. I’m so glad Missy is sticking close. That was not a fun moment for you. As for the cows, I can understand the fence you walk. You love having them, but like my farmer husband always says…having cows means no days off and a lot of work. 🙂 I’m glad we’re all getting some sunshine. I have laundry hanging out on the line today. I LOVE that smell!

  4. Good luck with your tough decisions but you will solve them. Enjoy little things in life – Missy and warmer weather. I too love the smell of fresh laundry dried in outdoors. Summer is coming here too fingers crossed!

  5. The antics of your cows made me laugh, Nancy, but I can imagine it’s no fun tramping after them like you had to do. Glad Missy is sticking close to home, little monkey! 🙂

    • Life is like the funny farm around here and when I babysit by friends dog it just gets crazier. But they are fun!!

  6. Oooo, a tough decision. Farming’s hard work, a real labour of love and you certainly love your cows. And Missy obviously knows better now and stays close to home. Enjoy the summer, it’s almost here, and forget about winter for the moment. 🙂

    • So busy with softball we are ready to stay home for a while!! Son’s team just won the State Chsmpionship for the fourth time in five years

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