Is it really May?

I’ve only lived here in the Pacific Northwest for 4 1/2 years, but I’ve never seen the crazy weather we’ve had this winter/spring season.

From a few inches of snow to a several feet of snow, to rain that goes on for days, to wind, to hail, to thunder and lightning storms that made me wonder what I was doing living here.

I’m not found of thunder and lightning. I can live with the snow, but not so much with thunder and lightning. A lot of it comes from when I was a kid. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, we had lightning on occasion, it bothered me but no big deal until I spent a summer in Oregon.

I was at my aunt and uncle’s home waiting for everyone come home. Of course, a storm hit. No big deal, I was actually sitting watching out the window when lightning went of and smashed right into the tree in the front yard.

I flew off the sofa, ran out the door to the neighbors house, shaking like a leaf. You see, in San Francisco lightning never even gets close to the ground. Ever since then I’ve been horrible about storms with lightning.

So the last storm we had, thankfully I was with friends who helped me stay calm, even though I wanted to hide under the table, and ended before we had to drive home.

Those few sunny days we had, Miss Penny just loved. Usually she lays in the bark, but I need new bark (it’s mainly dirt now) so she’s been lying on the concrete instead. Of course when she goes out in the morning to do her business and comes back with muddy paws, mommy has to clean her up.

So, of course, here’s a picture of her:


Have a great day.

7 responses to “Is it really May?

  1. I’ve lived here most of my life Marie and I’ve never seen a storm like that last one. Lacey really got it. I on the northeast side of Lacey and it was bad but nothing like they had. And, I am so sick of this rain and cool days I’m ready to be a year around Arizona resident. We are taking a road trip in a few weeks so might come back complaining of the heat. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Penny looks her usual contented self.

    • Penny is rarely ruffled by anything except when mommy leaves her at the doggy hotel. The only good thing about the storm is I have a scene to write in my new book about a storm, now have lots of experience.

  2. And there’s us in the UK praying for rain as we haven’t had any to speak of for weeks. The ground’s parched, the reservoirs low and talk of hosepipe bans already. Crazy, isn’t it? No doubt we’ll have a wet summer instead. I love watching thunderstorms, we don’t get many here nowadays, although a few years ago lightning struck the house opposite us, we saw it happen and it was scary. Thankfully not much damage was done to the house although it blew out all their electrical applicances. Hope your weather improves soon. 🙂

    • Kit, sorry to hear about the UK not getting rain. I’m going to be over in the UK in a little over a week. I’m hoping not too much rain while I’m playing tourist.

  3. good luck on the weather! Jillian

  4. Yep, even the long-term locals are saying this weather is bizarre. You’re not alone in that thought, or in not liking lightning. I am okay with it, but only if I’m not alone or the only adult. Once, when the kids were small, we had a huge storm and the power went out and I couldn’t get my daughter to let go of my long enough to light a fire in the fireplace. 🙂
    (Hello, Miss Penny! You’re looking quite cute today!)

  5. Enjoy your trip to the UK. Weather looks good!

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