Atlanta, RT and Booker T.

Jillian here.  I just got back from Atlanta, Ga where I attended the Romantic Times Convention. The convention itself was fun and it was good to see other writer friends as well as chat and interact with readers. I had two pretty awesome things happen in the reader arena – with the same book. I wrote a story called Rex, the Ex and the Hex– first draft was done in 12 days – it was such a fun story to write as the hero believes himself to be hexed and visits a number of hoo-doo folks to try to get rid of the hex (like a witch doctor, a haruspex, a tarot reader, etc).

One reader mentioned she read it and thought it was really good and she could tell I was having a blast as I wrote it. That made me happy as I was glad that shone through.

Another reader saw the cover on a magnet on my table at the signing. She grabbed it and said, “You wrote that?” When I said yes, she said, “I loved it so much, I read it twice and I never do that.” – Her words were worth the trip to Atlanta for me.

The other best thing about the conference wasn’t really related to the conference. My friend Sandra and I went to a concert at a local winery/cafe where they serve tapas and their own wines. I love 1960s music and when she said she wanted to go see a man named Booker T. Jones, a Grammy winner, I was all on board for that. I said, “Booker T. and the M.G.s?”

Well, these days, he travels with his son and two other guys. The music is still wonderful. He and his son played a ballad version of Purple Rain by Prince and it was so moving it brought me to tears.

We got a chance to chat with him in the lobby afterward. What a nice, humble, kind man he was. I could’ve stayed there all night. It was that amazing.  If you get a chance to go, do!

here’s one famous song  and another with his son on guitar.  I tried to upload one of the videos I made but for some reason, the computer said no.  We were seated right by the piano. It was awesome.

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10 responses to “Atlanta, RT and Booker T.

  1. Sounds like a fab RT for you, Jillian! To know that your joy shone through and into your work is such a great compliment as is someone reading the same book twice! Congrats to you! And Booker T and the M.G.s? Talk about a blast from the past 🙂 So pleased you had a great time.

    • It def was a good conference with that compliment. AND I love 60s music. I listen all the time- I was a baby/toddler/elem.age kid then but we’ve always been a music family with radio and records playing so I remember a lot from then.

  2. Sounds like quite an experience. Compliments like the ones you received is what keeps us writing. Love the music.

  3. What an awesome weekend! And Booker T??? Wow! I’m so happy to hear you got some well-deserved praise on your story. Your sense of humor is spot on in Rex. I, too, loved it!

    • It was awesome! I was super excited about Booker T. and the compliments were icing on the cake. I’m glad you loved Rex too! 🙂 I know he was special to me so I’m thrilled others like him, too.

  4. Sandra Bunino

    So much fun. I’m glad I got to experience Booker T with you, Jillian!

  5. Booker T – Fabulous! Loved him and his music, as I do most 60s music. What a great weekend you had. Compliments and praise for our writing makes it all worthwhile. And I now know what I’m going to read next. 🙂

    • I love 60s music. I listen to it all the time. Such a great variety of singers and styles. Thanks re: Book and if you do read it, I hope you enjoy Rex as much as I did.

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