Wings Over…wherever you are

Recently, my husband and I took the bus up to Seattle. We don’t drive in that city often. Too many cars, too many pedestrians, and too many one-way streets. But we do occasionally like to take the bus up and play tourist. Last year, we went twice.

This time, we went for a specific purpose. We did this ride called Wings Over Washington. It’s one of those theme-park type rides where your seat moves but you never really leave the theater and I hear they have them in a bunch of cities. This one was supposed to show great views of our state…of it’s mountains, rivers, fields, cities, mountains. Yes, I said mountains twice.

You see, as I’ve mentioned once or twice, I’m afraid of heights, although I’m  trying nowadays to not give into it. So…we got seat-belted into our seats. Yes, they put seat belts on us. That should have been an omen for me, but no, I innocently let them belt me in. After all, there was a big wood structure right in front of me and my feet were on the ground.

Then the theater went dark. And our seats moved. Up, up, and over that nice, safe wood structure I’d seen. And my feet were dangling! I don’t do amusement park rides where I can’t hit my imaginary brakes, so this was not good.

The full room video screen lit up with scenes of Washington. They took us up, down, up, swooping down, over cliffs. An eagle led the way, so we had some altitude. And the chair? It shifted, of course. Up, down, sideways.

I was five feet off the floor and completely FREAKED out. I had a death grip on the chair handrails and my husband was talking me calm through the whole thing. Not that it worked. I could not convince myself I was safe. It was insane how well my phobia had me locked in.

I saw, well, most of the video ride. I didn’t get my eyes shut as we went over the first cliff, so I made sure I missed the drop-offs after that. It really was a great ride and view of the state, but geesh, do that have to make it seem so real??? I haven’t had a height issue that bad in a long time, and I wasn’t even really “in the air.”

Afterwards, and since, I’ve been laughing at myself. Guess this is one phobia that isn’t going to leave gently. I’m going to have to kick it to the wall a few more times. Until then, no more video rides. No thank you. I’ll go back to gondolas where my fear is real, not imagined.

To finish off, here’s a couple pictures from Pike Place Market in Seattle, always a fun place to wander through.

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11 responses to “Wings Over…wherever you are

  1. Love the slideshow, especially the photo of you and Mark, and well done on surviving your ‘flight’ 🙂

    That’s the thing about phobias, Laurie, people can tell you there’s nothing to worry about a million times over and yet once you’re locked into that feeling it’s all but impossible to think rationally. Was watching a TV show here in the UK this week about stress, and one expert said that the feeling of fear and excitement were two sides of the same coin. So, when you feel scared you should convince yourself that you’re excited! Made a note to give that a try the next time there’s a spider around, but somehow I’m not convinced, LOL.

    • Fear and excitement, eh? So I just need to convince myself I’m on the ground. I probably could have done that if I’d had something under my feet. The whole dangling legs thing is what set me off. And I’m with you on spiders. 🙂

  2. I’ve never heard of Wings Over Washington. Sounds like something to put on the bucket list. And, I was surprised at the lack of crowds at Pike Place Market it’s always crammed when I’m there.

    I hear you on phobias, I have a fear of heights to but not sure it would apply if I was in a seat. Still I never do Farris Wheels or ladders, or roofs.

    • It was fun, even with the phobia. It’s kind of spendy for such a short ride. A$15-17 for about a 7-10 minute thing. But we enjoyed it. Well, Mark enjoyed it. I survived it. Lol

  3. Well done Laurie – you lived to tell the tale! Also can laugh at yourself! Good ways of dealing with a phobia – don’t beat yourself as you trying to overcome it. Loved your photo and the market, Mark looks like a nice guy. What’s your next challenge? X

  4. My mother reacted the same way to the ride called “soaring” at Disney. You’d have thought she was going to fall out of an airplane. BUT I can relate to phobias. I’ve had a panic attack on a plane when I was seated in the window seat- claustrophobia. It’s so odd, isn’t it? That we can tell ourselves we’re fine and safe but yet that phobia takes us over. Hugs! Jillian

  5. Wow, what a fabulous idea – “Wings Over …” Do hope someone brings it to the UK. And love the photo of you and Mark. I too dislike heights and funfair rides that leave the ground so well understand your phobia. My biggest was fear of flying but have over the last 20 years coped with that by forcing myself to do it and each time it gets easier, else I would never have been to so many lovely places abroad. Doesn’t work with spiders though. I still run! 🙂

    • I think we’ve all worked hard to conquer our fears. I thougth I had this one in hand. My fear had other ideas. Lol. And yep, I’m with you on spiders.

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