Take Me With You

19355355Goodreads rates this story 4.12 stars and has excellent reviews for it. I found it by a recommendation from a friend. Fortunately Catherine Ryan Hyde has a backlist because I just ordered two more of her books.

So give me a review already…. Well, Take Me With You doesn’t have sex, in fact it isn’t a romance. It doesn’t have violence and it isn’t a cozy mystery. What it does have are amazing characters and Hyde brings them so alive you, after turning pages well past lights out, will be thinking about August, Henry and Seth as you fall asleep. Maybe a simple description is Take Me With You is a warm inspiring story and renews your confidence in the good in people. And, especially young people as Seth and Henry make you want to take them in to be part of your family. August was a lucky man to find them and share their lives as he shares his with them.

On his way to Yellowstone to scatter the ashes of his son, Augusts motor home breaks down. He’s out in the back of beyond and is towed to a local mechanics shop for expensive repairs. The cost leaves him without funds to continue to Yellowstone and he sadly accepts that the trip that far will have to put off for another year. Then Wes, the mechanic makes him an offer. If he will take Wes’s two sons with him on the trip, Wes will do the work on the motor home for free. If August doesn’t the two boys will have to enter the foster care system while Wes serves a 90 day jail sentence.

August doesn’t want to take the boys but finally relents and the incredible journey that forges a life bond between a recovering alcoholic and two amazing boys begins. I felt so very fortunate to be along on the ride through the National parks and sharing their incredible experiences.

And…. This story even has Woody, a funny heart inspiring little Jack Russell. For me it just doesn’t get much better as it brought back Abby memories.



8 responses to “Take Me With You

  1. Thank you Lavada this book sounds a real heartwarmer just what I need. I’ve not heard of the author before and amidst the crazy world over here an escape is what I need. X

    • Your welcome Jane. I love finding ‘new’ authors. I gave the book to a friend and she’s reading it in record time. Wish you were closer and I’d share it with you. Let us know how you like it.

  2. What a wonderful sounding story! Very heart-warming. And you fell in love with that little Jack Russell, didn’t you. 🙂 I’m putting this on my TBR list.

  3. Another new-to-me author, and I love the sound of this story. Good characterisation always wins the day for me.

  4. Another new author for me too. Sounds a great read. One wonders if a movie might be in the ether too, am sure it would make a great film. 🙂

  5. sounds delightful. Thanks for the recommendation. Jillian

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