Happy April

It  might be April, but it still feels like winter here in the Pacific Northwest. It hasn’t been all rain and gloom, we did have a few days of sun. And because of it after 5 months I finally had to have my lawn mowed.

That’s a good thing though because it was up to Miss Penny’s knees (so a couple of inches).

I really haven’t been doing a whole lot, just writing and now attending football games for the great-nephew.  Life is going pretty well.  I would like winter to end and sprint to wake up.

Today I thought I share this picture:


Went out to dinner with the family after the football game on Sunday and this is the drink my sister ordered.  It was bigger than she thought it would be, but she drank almost all of it. And no she wasn’t driving.

And of course what would the blog be without a Penny pictures – I snapped this on one of our sunny days:

Penny Sun

Have a great month everyone.

7 responses to “Happy April

  1. Wow so what was the drink? And, I’m with you on spring waking up. I like the way you said it. Maybe someone slipped it nyquil. Whatever it has sure been late this year. In fact right now it’s raining out there. I’m thinking maybe spending summers in Arizona wouldn’t be so bad. 🙂

  2. Ahhh, Miss Penny loves her sunshine, eh? And haha on Lavada’s Nyquil comment. We’re slowly climbing out of winter and toward summer and I hear it’s supposed to be another warm one. So have faith. It’ll get here. 🙂

  3. what a beautiful drink! looks yummy and sweet Penny looks like she’s enjoying the sun! Jillian

  4. Blended Mango Margarita! I could just go one of those!

  5. Blended mango margarita – I like the sound of that. Must try it. And lovely photo of Miss Penny enjoying the sunshine. After a chilly snap we hoping here we are now out of winter. And believe it or not, we’ve just had an incredibly dry April with little to no rain. Today’s a bank holiday and yes, it’s tipping down, thunder, lightning, the works. 🙂

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