Words: Misused & Misheard

Jillian here. Hope everyone is having a good April so far. Mine has already had some ups and downs but rather than focus on the downs, I thought I’d talk about word usage and misheard words that lead to some interesting conversations.

The reason I have this on my mind was a phone conversation this week with 7 people on the line. We were discussing selling some property. One guy kept saying he was “weary” of a certain kind of sale. It was clear to me he meant “leery” but he kept saying the wrong thing. He couldn’t be weary of the type of sale as no sale took place for him to be tired.

Anyway, the conversation stayed with me and I started thinking about other times I’d heard wrong choices. Lots were with children which is to be expected and lots are people singing wrong words to songs.

Both of my kids used to say “just appeared” for “disappeared”

My husband would sing “the gypsy with the gold “tattoo” instead of gold “capped tooth” – love potion song

One friend used to sing “A shy best man” instead of “a sharp-dressed man” – ZZ Top song

When I was a kid, I’d sing that walking in a winter wonderland song as “later on we’ll perspire as we dream by the fire” – instead of “conspire” – but it made sense, right? Lol

When I went to college, I was stunned to hear some people say “onliest” instead of “only”

Also in college, where I went to school, they pronounced “Jordan” as “Jerden” -thank goodness that wasn’t my last name or I’d be absent always. It took me months to realize what they meant.

You English ladies will appreciate this one. I know a guy here who is named Beauchamp. He pronounces it “Bo-champ” not “Bee-chum”

I could go on but I’d like to hear from you guys. What are some misused or misheard words/lyrics you’ve come in contact with?

9 responses to “Words: Misused & Misheard

  1. Haha. Great post. And it brings up one of our best family memories, when our daughter was a little girl. The song “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands…” Well, she swore it was “If you’re happy and your nose, clap your hands…” Would NOT change her mind on bit on that for a long, long time. 🙂 Thanks for the smile!

  2. This was a smile worthy post. Of course we rarely hear out own speech oddities but this one for me was pointed out enough that now I stop… think… before saying it and usually say ’tissue’ instead of kleenex which, if I don’t think say as klein x.

  3. There’s one I like to annoy AJ with and that’s from the My Fair Lady song “Why can’t a woman be more like a man” I always like to sing “Woman are irrational that’s all there is to that, their heads are full of cotton wool and rags” knowing full well it’s “cotton hay and rags.” It gets him every time 🙂

  4. Ha ha. Great post. For years I always sang the words to The Israelites by Desmond Decker (remember that one?) as:”Woke up in the morning, baked beans for breakfast.” Was years before I realised the actual words are “… slavin’ for bread, sir” 🙂

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