Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia!Has anyone had an opportunity to see the movie or stage play, Mamma Mia? The play has been on my bucket list for a few years and when I saw they are in their farewell season, I knew I HAD to go. I just took a look and they have a global tour going on also, including the UK.

The movie is great. Who knew (before this movie) that Meryl Streep could sing so well! In fact, I know she must had had to work really hard to not sing well in the Florence Foster Jenkins movie. But I digress.

Mamma Mia, in my opinion, is fun for any age. It’s uplifting, FUNNY, poignant, and energetic. For me, it carried a huge dose of nostalgia, too. I grew up in an era when ABBA’s music first gained attention. I cannot tell you how often just about any of ABBA’s songs would come on the radio and my friends and I would break out in song. Yes, we even had hairbrush microphones on occasion. 🙂 It makes me smile each and every time I think about it, so when the tickets came available, I snapped a couple up.

I live near Seattle, but rarely, if ever, drive into the city. It’s crazy busy, as you can imagine, and I’m a small town girl at heart. So my sister and I took the bus into the city so we didn’t have to drive. That didn’t mean that we didn’t have ABBA blaring in the car on the way to the bus depot, though. (And home.)Waiting for Mamma Mia!

After a couple hours shopping, we settled into our seats. Once the curtains opened, we were transported to another time and place. We laughed, cried, and yes, sang! One of the best parts of this play was the ending, which turned into a dance party. We were all standing, clapping, singing, and dancing, not easy to do in a theater filled with seats.

It was totally AWESOME!

So I hope, if you smile when you think of ABBA’s music, that you get (or have had) an opportunity to see this stage play. If you don’t, or if ABBA isn’t your thing, I hope you put on some music that is and dance around the house with a hairbrush for a microphone. Because sometimes, we all need to feel young again, eh?

Thank you, ABBA, for all the wonderful memories!

If you want more information about Mamma Mia!, click here. And here’s a piece from the movie to lift you up for the day:

14 responses to “Mamma Mia!

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever left a live performance that I haven’t vowed to go more often. There’s just something about seeing it live that isn’t there in a movie.

    So glad for the happy day you had Laurie. And, that you got to share it with your sister.

  2. Sounds like so much fun. Few things come to Longview and like you I don’t drive in the big city of Portland unless I have to. Are you enjoying our beautiful spring weather?

    • Ummm, it just started hailing here. And that wind yesterday was pretty unbelievable. So nope. Not much. Yet. Lol. Our bus system to Seattle is pretty awesome. I’m betting you don’t have that option. Is there one that goes to Portland from Astoria? That might be doable, eh?

  3. Love that show. Saw it on Broadway and it was amazing. And you’re right. Fun for all ages. The movie was good but I much prefer the stage version. Glad you got to go! And I’ve had a hairbrush microphone too. Lol. Jillian

    • I hope everyone had a chance to dance on the bed with a hairbrush microphone. Do you think kids these days get to have that kind of happiness? 🙂

      • No. I don’t think they do- Mine did play air guitar though. Maybe it’s the difference between boys and girls. I hope girls still do that. My boys apparently didn’t want to be the lead singer. LOL

  4. Have to say the film is my all time favourite feel-good film and have watched it countless times although I’ve yet to see the stage version. I first saw the film when I was recovering from a nasty bout of pneumonia a few years ago and feeling very sorry for myself. It cheered me up no end more so because I love all things Greek. The best time I saw the film was on holiday on Corfu when it was screened on the open air roof-top terrace of our hotel. I can’t describe how wonderful it all was. And yes, haven’t we all sung into a hairbrush. (PS: I still do! When on my own, that is 🙂 ) To see the stage version is on my bucket list!

  5. It was on my bucket list, too, Kit, so when I saw they are in their Farewell Tour, I grabbed tickets. If you want to go, you might want to do it this year. I’m not sure the play will be around later on? And I LOVE the Corfu viewing! I can just imagine it. What fun!

  6. Lucky you seeing the stage show, Laurie. I loved the movie and saw it several times. And is there anything Meryl Streep can’t do, LOL? It was especially lovely that you got to share the experience with your sister.

  7. I’ve watched Mamma Mia three times now in theatre. Never gets old! At the end they have a sing along to some of the songs. So fun!

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