Happy First day of Spring.

benches5Nancy sent me an email with pictures of benches yesterday and I so enjoyed it I decided to share. This wasn’t what I intended to blog on, but I’m getting a late start on composing a blog this month and with spring today benches sort seemed like a good subject.

I love benches, and there don’t seem to be as many out there as there used to be. Or maybe it’s just I look for them more to take frequent rest stops. Anyway here are some unusual ones. I like the barrels and could easily see them in my yard.

Or what about a spooky one. Not for my yard.





How about a little greenery to rest your head?







Or some conversation pieces.




benches 2

Maybe some comfortable ones?


Or maybe not so comfortable. When I saw this one I could imagine what kids might stick in those holes or yikes what might crawl in them.


I hoped you enjoyed the pictures as much as I did. If you have a bench you’d like to share send it in a comment. We’d love to see it.  Until next time enjoy the spring, hopefully yours will have sunshine.

8 responses to “Benches

  1. Nice Lavada I’m glad you shared them. Let’s see what we can figure out for lunch !!

  2. Thanks for sending them Nancy. Call me and lets get lunch on the calendar.

  3. I love them. Awesome- I DO agree about the one that could have bugs lurking. LOL – Happy spring, my friend! Jillian

  4. It’s still wet here but warming up a little. The hard part is to find yard help. I have no patience when someone says they will call and stop by to look at the job and then doesn’t do either. How to people stay in business? Whoops forgot my happy pills this morning. Maybe another look at the bench pictures will turn my attitude around?

  5. This was the coolest blog to read! I love Nancy’s barrel benches, and I’m with you. No stick benches for me. I’d post a pic of our bench that sits our front next to our porch, but alas, it’s ordinary and it’s nighttime here. Still, benches are quite cool. Gliders, too. I LOVE gliders.

  6. I’m with you on gliders. What did we ever do before internet. Oh that’s right books. 🙂

  7. Wow, amazing benches. Would love a couple of these in my garden! Especially love the barrels and the greenery ones, but think Vivvy would freak about the shark one, LOL!

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