If you live in the Pacific Northwest you know that winter just keeps coming and coming.  Maybe, just maybe, we are past the snow but we have had more than our share of rain—and cold.  I look out my windows and think wow, we really need to be out there working but it’s so nice in the house and spring will arrive soon—won’t it?

We have had an interesting winter with lots of snow and cold and finally Jim and I caught those cold things that were going around and put us down for two weeks.  After missing District Basketball we finally were well enough to go to Coos Bay for the State Basketball Tournament.  It looked like Spring in Coos Bay with trees blooming and flowers blooming and actually warm enough to not bundle up to walk outside.  It was a super fun tournament.  We did do a little sightseeing but decided to come home on Saturday instead of Sunday and that’s where my Blog this month begins

At 11:00 that Saturday morning I called the guy we had staying at our house feeding the cattle and watching the dogs.  I told him we were on our way and would be home in about 4 ½ hours.  Ok he says but I need to tell you something—yikes!!  Missy our little dog was missing and had been since 8:00 that morning.  Talk about a panic attack.  I told him to take Daisy our Lab and go out in the field and look for her.  He had put her out at 8:00 when he fed the cattle and she had just disappeared.  Half an hour later I call again and he can’t find her—now I’m frantic and mad!!  What am I going to do—so finally when I pull myself together I think—FACEBOOK.  So I posted on Facebook and about a half hour later I see a post from a young lady who used to be our neighbor.  She was responding to her cousin who lives down the road from us and had a family stop by and ask her if she had a little black dog.  She said no but took their phone number and put this on Facebook.  The other young lady who lives out of town responded to her saying she thought it was our dog because she had seen my Facebook post.  Meanwhile we are hurrying to get home, my grandson had come to our house and went door-to-door looking for her and the guy we had staying here was walking up the road looking. 

When we get home, finally, and our neighbors gets home where she left the phone number, we get the number of the family that had stopped at the neighbor’s house and call them.  They said, yes they had had her but gave her to a guy named John who lived down a steep driveway.  Jim and I jump in the car and start driving.  No steep driveways, we finally turn around and stop at another house and ask if they know someone named John.  After thinking and thinking the man says I think across the street and three houses down (we live in the country) that man’s name might be John and he might know something. We finally find the steep driveway, I hop out, knock on the door, and a lady says “how can I help you”.  I say “I’m looking for a guy named John who might have a little black dog”.  She hollers—“John with the little black dog” and here he comes carrying Missy.  WOW–she looked so scared but cuddled right up when I took her.  I think he thought he had a dog because he didn’t seem to want to give her up.  I think he had given her a bath because she was probably muddy and wet and cold and she was very soft.  I thanked him so much and brought her home.  That night and all the next day she was a very sick puppy, and yelped when she walked.  I thought a vet visit was in the works but by Monday she was almost back to normal.  Interesting enough though she doesn’t pick on Daisy anymore and she stays very close to Jim or me.  When we let her out (in our fenced area that she got out of) one of us are always with her.  The fence will be re-done as soon as we get a little warm weather.  And I am almost back to normal after my 6 hours of panic!!

I hope each you have a wonderful Spring and a Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

10 responses to “WHERE IS SPRING

  1. Sorry this got posted two days earlier than it was suppose to and I’m not sure why .

  2. Ohhhh, having a pet go missing is a nightmare emotionally. We’ve been keeping a very close eye on Dude (as close as you can with a stealth cat who LOVES to be outdoors) because of some coyote attacks here. I’m so glad you got Missy back. And got over those nasty colds. Mine took a month to finally disappear!

  3. What was Missy thinking. I can’t remember but didn’t you rescue her to begin with? I’ve been there though and know well the panic. So glad she all safe and sound.

  4. So glad you found her and that John gave her up without a fight. Our fur babies are precious and we love, love them. Sorry you had the trauma of almost loosing her. Jillian

  5. Wow, Nancy. My heart was in my mouth reading your post. I’m so glad Missy is back safe and well. How dreadfully scary for you! Glad to hear she’s sticking close to you now.

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