Is it Spring Yet?

I’m really ready for spring. I’m tired of the cold, the rain and the snow. We’ve had a real winter in the Pacific Northwest this year, one I really don’t want to see again for at least 5 or 6 year or longer.

Not much going on for me right now, I’m busy writing, attending basketball games for the great-nephew, and reading.

The basketball games are good, but very funny. My great-nephew doesn’t quite have the focus yet (he’s only 6), he’ll run up and down the court, but once he reaches the other end he stands there looking lost. He’s not the only kid that does that but it’s funny with all of us yelling at him.  Wednesday night, he looked over at us and rolled his eyes several times. It was so funny.

Miss Penny is not happy with all the rain. She’ll make mad dashes out of the house to do her business and then run back it. She really hates it when I pull out the towel to dry her off.

I hope every remembered to spring forward. It is that time. I really never adjusted to the fall back this year, so I’m hoping the spring forward won’t drive me too crazy.

Have a great week, and of course what would the blog be without a Penny picture. This is her favorite position on a cold and rainy day.




4 responses to “Is it Spring Yet?

  1. I looked a lot like Penny this morning. Didn’t want to get up so getting a late start to the day. I have switching time and wish we could just stay on standard. Tell me again why the genius’s that be put daylight saving time in. And yes I’m with you on being ready for spring.

  2. Okay, can I just say that pic of Penny is how I’m feeling? And not just me. Dude is seriously in need of some outdoor time. He’s such a weather woos that I carried him to the back edge of our acre of property, then set him down and made him get back to the house himself JUST so he’d get some EXERCISE! Dang cat is driving me nuts wanting me to make his life better. I LOVED the snow, but I’m officially over the rain. Time for some sunshine!!!!

  3. Our clocks go forward next weekend, the last Saturday of March, and am so looking forward to that. We’ve had a lovely start to spring but today has turned bitterly cold again and snow forecast. Think I shall be curling up under the blanket like Miss Penny until the sun comes back. 🙂

  4. Sweet Penny cuddling up is a cutie. I have also had a difficult time with the time change. It seems to get worse every year. Hang in there and I hope it gets warmed soon for you. Jillian

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