I think I’ve blogged about scrap-booking before. It’s hard to remember. In fact, that made me curious about some of our site statistics, so I went and looked. Did you know that Over The Backyard Fence’s first blog came out on 9/8/2010? Almost 7 years, with pretty much the same core group of bloggers, we’ve kept this conversation going. And we’ve been viewed over 35,000 times! That is pretty darn cool!

However, that wasn’t what I meant this blog to be about. I used to scrapbook photographs but I rarely print photos now. It’s just to easy to show them or send them digitally. And I can keep them organized and use much less storage space. 🙂 I do make sure I save pictures to at least two different places, though, just in case. I tend to use flash drives for my photo back. Do you print pictures? Or scrapbook?

I’ve got a lot of supplies from my scrapping days. And purchased cards have become really expensive. I bought a card for my hubby for Valentine’s Day…it was $9.99 (USD). Holy Toledo! So it seemed a perfect match to put my existing supplies and my meager skills to good use and for the past year or two, have been making cards instead of buying them. (Mostly.)

I find that I spend more time thinking about the person the card is for than if I stood in a store searching. And it’s peaceful time, time for wonderful memories to surface. So for me, this is a win-win situation.

Below are a few of the cards I’ve designed lately. Simple, but effective. And fun to make.

I hope you all have fun hobbies for those dreary days and to make you take time from the grind of daily life. And don’t despair about the weather. Spring is just around the corner!

9 responses to “Scrapbooking…again?

  1. Wow, Laurie! We’ve all been doing this a long time 🙂 As far as photograph storing goes, I used to keep them in albums. Now, I tend to just keep them filed digitally (and like you, in more than one place) and only print out ones that other people want to have and keep, plus those that go in frames (mostly of Ms. Vivvy). Love your idea about making greetings cards. They are certainly expensive now, and it is a lovely thing to be thinking about the person while you are in the process of making them. Love that idea 🙂

    • Yep, the Over The Backyard Fence conversation is thriving! Sounds like you and I do the same with pictures. I’m really into down-sizing “stuff” these days, so it’s nice to not have piles and piles of picture prints.

  2. The stats on Over The Backyard Fence are impressive and I feel a kinship with our bloggers. I tried making cards but didn’t follow through with it. I did make a sort of online scrapbook and had it printed. I think it’s easier to engage my brain with a keyboard.

    One of my favorite gifts was from my sister-in-law who gave me a Christmas present of a box of cards she had made. I used them sparingly and enjoyed sending out every one.

    • I agree completely with you about the kinship we feel with our bloggers and our readers/commenters. And I’ve done those online books. I might actually start doing those for our trips.

  3. Wow! Impressive stats about the blog. Well done, everyone. I too store my photos now digitally rather than print. I have a huge storage box full of photos that I keep promising myself one rainy day I will sort out and scan into the computer before they all fade. Love the birthday cards. I think handmade ones are so much more personal and thoughtful than bought ones. I created my own Christmas cards last year, and intend to do the same this year and a few special birthday cards, as can never find suitable ones in the shops. 🙂

    • OMG. I have that SAME box of photos, Kit! Lol. One of these days… And Christmas cards? You are way more energetic than I am. Maybe you can showcase some of your designs for a blog? Since I give my cards away, I’ve started taking pictures of them. Just to have for my own memory. 🙂

  4. awesome that you are using those supplies and yikes! 9.99 for a card. Jeepers creepers! I also have a ton of scrappy stuff. AND books and books of finished pages. Way too much! Jillian

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