What Was The Heck Was That About?

We all dream when we are asleep, the majority of us not remembering them at all, not even being aware we have been dreaming. Most are good dreams, some scary, some real nightmares, some that make you think you are actually awake and everything happening is real, and others making you glad you have awoken… the list goes on.

What I have noticed is my dreams always seem to be triggered by events that have happened during the day, albeit a conversation or thinking of  someone, some action or incident, a news report, watching a movie… anything at all. If I do remember a dream, which isn’t often, I like to try to make sense of it, work out what inspired that thought to manifest itself in my sleeping state.

Then there are the repetitive ones, always different yet always following the same theme. I used to have these types regularly, usually ones where my teeth crumble and fall out, supposedly a sign of stress or worry. Another where I am looking at new homes but there are never any stairs and I have to climb up like a contortionistic rock-climber to reach the next floor – I never have found out what that one is supposed to mean. Lately, I have been experiencing ones where I am always searching for someone. Again, I have no idea of its interpretation. Whatever it is, it doesn’t worry me too much. A dream is just a dream, after all.

The worst type for me, and I am certain everyone has experienced this sort, is the weird dreams you have early the morning, usually after having awoken from a good night’s sleep, you drift back into that dozing type of relaxed state, or when cat-napping. Odd, peculiar, almost drug-induced highs of tripping out on something and your sleeping world morphs into a crazy, mixed-up, nonsensical mixture of the impossible.

I had one of these the other morning and its very nature has stayed with me all week. I’m still trying to make sense of it. Was it trying to tell me something? If so, what? You see, I dreamt a dandelion plant was growing out of the back of my hand, with an offshoot springing up on my little finger. Okay, I hear you say, I’m a keen gardener, and probably detest weeds. Perhaps I had been gardening the previous day, been to a garden centre, doing or thinking anything to do with plants and weeds. I hadn’t. I hadn’t been in the garden, or even near the garden… it had been blowing gales all week and tipping with rain. But that isn’t the whole dream – whole being the operative word, not a pun. Oh no. The next bit was absolutely crazy! In my dream I pulled the dandelion clean out of my hand, pulling it up, along with the little offshoot, creating a hole right through my hand, and little finger. They didn’t bleed. The holes were clean and perfectly formed, and sealed, no gooey flesh or gunk oozing out. And there it ended.

Weird or what? I’d love to know what that was all about. Any ideas?

9 responses to “What Was The Heck Was That About?

  1. I’m glad other people have these weird dreams. I do and like you a lot come just before I’m fully awake. Or maybe not. It just might be that I don’t remember the dreams during the night. There are books on interpreting dreams. And, people that do it. Like you I don’t overly worry about them. But… my dad had a recurring dream he shared with me after I’d grown up. His mother died when he was about 3 months old. He was raised in an orphanage in Kansas, the family was from Denver so he didn’t really know his dad until he was ten and returned home. There were no pictures of his mother so he didn’t know what she looked like especially since his dad didn’t talk about it. He said that in his dream he enters a large church and there is a coffin on the alter. He walks down the aisle, and up a long steep set of stairs. He knows he will see his mother but just as he is about to look he wakes up. It’s been year, like a lot of them since he told that story and I have never forgotten.

    • I’ve read several dream interpretation books, Lavada, and whilst most seem to agree on the recurring loosing teeth one, they often differ on others. I stopped worrying what dreams meant some years ago, but this dandelion one has certainly stayed with me. No doubt due to my being impatient in wanting to get out there after winter. Your father’s dream could have come from a subconscious want to know about his mother. But why is it we all seem to wake up before that final revealing moment? 🙂

  2. Kit that is really weird but even your hands are probably ready for spring. I know I am after a really bad winter. Then I look at all the trees and limbs down and all the weeds and think oh no, I’m really not ready for spring🙄

    • Indeed, a nagging need to want to be outside in the garden. Thankfully the good weather here this week has made it possible, and so far, no dandelions sprouting. 🙂

  3. Okay, that last dream was definitely a bit crazy, Kit. I have no idea what it means. I rarely remember dreams, at least, not for long once I wake up, but I do know i have two recurring themes. I’m usually frantically searching for something or someone, or I’m running/hiding from something or someone. These always happen when I’m most overwhelmed or stressed, so their pretty easy to figure out. Good luck with that dream of yours, alhough, if I had to hazard a guess, I’d say it means the garden is calling you. Now if the weather would only cooperate, eh?

    • Yes, Laurie, the frantic searching for someone or something is certainly one that I keep having too but I can’t put mine down to stress as since I left the 9-5, I’m not stressed out, quite the opposite, and although occasionally have cause to worry over something, the searching dream happens at any time. As to the dandelion dream, I’m certain it stemmed (pun intended) from a need to be outside working in the garden now spring is here. We’ve had decent weather here this week, so my wish has been fulfilled and the garden’s getting it’s annual tidy and sort out. 🙂

  4. Well, my first thought on hearing about your weird dream was that with the onset of spring you just can’t wait to get back out into the garden, but it was a very strange dream indeed, Kit. And yes, those dreams that come in the early hours can be bizarre, to say the least. I’ve had a few flying dreams lately, and some featuring really huge spiders in a hotel I’m staying at. I’ve looked up meanings but they seem to differ greatly, so I just choose the best one and keep it at that 😉

  5. Put’s a whole new meaning on greenfingers 🙂 Yes, am sure the dream was a call from the garden. Have managed to get outside this week. I used to have flying dreams when I was child. I put them down to the medication I was had to take at the time. Thankfully, never had dreams about spiders. I don’t think I would be asleep for long if one dared entered mine. Like you, I’ve looked in several different dream interpretation books, and as you say, they seem to differ on meanings. Probably best not to dwell and delve too deep…until the next weird dream comes along. 🙂

  6. wow! wild dream and thank goodness there was no blood. I have no clue what it means but it was def. odd. LOL! I have the recurring dream of being at my locker at school and not remembering the combination to get my books OR there’s one I have a lot that I am in the wings on stage for a ballet performance and have missed rehearsals for 9 months and can’t recall what part I’m to dance. EEP! LOL! The mind is such a cool mystery, isn’t it? Jillian

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