What Happened to February?

Well, what happened to February? It’s gone by in a flashier flash than even January did! 20170226_111643Maybe it’s because Chez Jones has been inundated with workmen since the beginning of the year with a bathroom remodel and copious other little jobs that spun from that one big one. I’m sure you know the sort of thing I mean: the leak from the newly installed toilet that produced a waterfall through the kitchen ceiling which consequently required repainting, the drip from the mains water tap discovered when they turned off the water supply to start the work, and which had resulted in an annual water bill which was basically double the norm (since been sorted, thankfully – both the leak and the bill!), and the new bathroom spotlights and extractor fan which resulted in discovering that the whole house needing re-wiring!! Suffice to say, we are doing the re-wiring thing in stages. Our nerves (and bank account) need time to settle down 😉 But that said, we absolutely love the new bathroom and said workmen did a fab job with everything. Such a great group of chaps – artisans, all of them.

20170218_113500In other news, Vivvy is doing really well with her training. She now has her bronze and silver awards and we are currently working on her gold (although Daddy says she’s already his golden girl *eye roll*). She picks up things really fast, especially if there’s a treat at the end of it, and seems to love scent work and hide & seek games the best. I’m trying to teach her to put her toys back in the box at the moment, but that’s a work in progress. I think she wonders why her minions can’t do that sort of menial task, thank you very much. I’m also attempting to teach her the cup game, but she just knocks all the cups over until she finds the treat underneath. Something to keep working on, I think, and maybe one day she’ll be as good at the task as Snow the cat in the following video:



11 responses to “What Happened to February?

  1. Love the look of the new bathroom, Tricia. Congratulations on surviving the process! Is that wallpaper I see? It looks cool. The whole thing looks trendy and bright and happy. 🙂 And a pic of Miss Vivvy is always appreciated. I’m glad to hear she’s doing so well!

    • Thanks, Laurie! No, we didn’t wallpaper, it’s a light grey paint on freshly plastered walls. The strips of tile above the loo and washbasin are different shades of grey and cream. AJ has just chosen the flooring (I just couldn’t decide) so that will hopefully be the last thing and it’s finished. Yay!

  2. Last bathroom looks great! But the good and bad news not. Good thing you had the guys you did despite leak through the ceiling. Too much like our experiences. Vivvy is a star, she’s looking wonderful. X

  3. What a great new bathroom – and I’m so glad you got the water bill sorted. Yikes! The “Golden girl” comment is golden. LOL – love the cat video. I need to teach Hobbes that game. He’s probably beat my socks off. Jillian

  4. Love the new bath. And, I attest, it’s worth it. Though at the time I seem to go to bed and night saying, “What have I done?” The problems you encountered would make a saint throw up their hands but at least you found it. If you hadn’t done the bath it would have only gotten worse.

    Vivvy is wonderful, and so smart. I think she pulled a fast one failing the service dog tests. She knew what kind of life she wanted.

    That’s some cat…. We had a dog that could find her ball like that. It alway amazed people.

    • Thanks, Lavada. Yes, it’s worth it in the end, but we had a few ‘what on earth were we thinking starting this’ moments. And we’re so thankful that we found that leak! Sometimes I think Vivvy pulled a fast one, too. She certainly has a lot more between her ears than she often makes out 🙂 I bet your dog was a star. I’d like to teach Vivvy that trick, but she just looks at me as if to say ‘why would I want to do that?’

  5. Love the new bathroom, such a shame it created so much extra, but well worth it in the end. Also love the cat video. Such intelligent creatures. As are dogs. Love seeing photos of Vivvy and hearing about her antics. She’ll get an extra hug from me next time I see her. x 🙂

  6. Thanks, Kit. Yes, well worth it in the end. All the little niggles and snags have faded into oblivion now that I can stand under the new shower, LOL! x

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