Good news

On Thursday February 10th 2017 I was discharged from Oncology Department all clear! Regular yearly check  ups now from July 2017 for ten years,  but if I am concerned or have further problems I must contact my Breast Care Nurse at the Unit. Wonderful care, support and treatment.   I feel so lucky especially as several of my friends are having on-going treatment.  We support each other but  I constantly emphasise to people of all ages to be vigilant.  Lots of information these days, including Facebook posts, with helpful advice particularly for younger women.  Men can also develop breast cancer which must be difficult for them to share at times and campaigns are not aimed at male breast cancer in the way prostate cancer has raised awareness.  On my return from Venice I am collecting for our Annual Marie Curie fund raising (NOT in the yellow hat this year – someone else’s turn!!). My choir raised £155 at our Christmas Sharing Concert for Cancer Relief UK.  I will be involved with Macmillan Fund from March too so am doing my bit to help spread the word.  People work so hard in the States and here in UK but some stories tear at the heart strings.  I’ve have just had a glimpse into this world but brave does not cover it for the efforts of other people especially young people and children.  You all know someone I’m sure so please spread the word when you can. I hope haven’t upset anyone but pushing this point.

I mention the Choir and on a lighter note (no pun!) I thought you would like a taster of one the latest songs we are learning.  The attached link is by Sweet Honey in the Rock but the words are from the Prophet by Kahlil Gibran Your Children.  The theme is about the future generations and how maybe we can learn from them.  At our Christmas Sharing Concert we sang our version of Ancestor’s Breath also performed by Sweet Honey in the Rock. This too is very thought provoking.  I hope the links work as they are beautiful songs.

I am due back from Venice on 24 February (my blog day) so fingers crossed my pre-scheduled publishing works.  If it doesn’t  you may be reading this a day late sorry!  Venice Trip report in March.

Click here for YouTube video of Sweet Honey in the Rock


8 responses to “Good news

  1. Ah, Jane, I’m so happy to hear you have gotten the “all clear” from your doctors. I am sending prayers skyward that you continue to get good news for lots and lots of years. 🙂 And the song is awesome. I hope we get to hear your choir singing it. 🙂 And Venice? What a lovely holiday. I’m looking forward to hearing more about it.

    • Thank you so much Laurie. Onwards and upwards! The song is lovely and wonderful to sing. Venice! Amazing. Met some great people. Will try to post some photos. X

  2. I’m so happy to hear the all clear for you. It’s scary, I know and mine was easy compared to a lot of what others go through. Venice, I’m ready to have you post it so I can live vicarious through your experience.

  3. Thank you Lavada, you know the feeling. Venice was amazing. Will report all in March blog. X

  4. So pleased for you, Janey! Your attitude has been so positive all the way through, and you continue to inspire and support everyone you know, especially those going through ongoing treatment. You are amazing! And yes, I’m really looking forward to hearing all about Venice 🙂 x

  5. Thank you. Definitely meet soon for one of our lunches to tell you all about it. Well, edited highlights! X

  6. I love Venice. I am sure you had a blast. Can’t wait for the report. AND way to go on raising funds and awareness of breast cancer (and in men)- Congrats on your good news of the all-clear!!!!!!
    What a lovely song, too. Jillian

  7. Oh Jane, I really am so, so pleased for you. It’s been a horrible place to be but good when you come out of it. I know. Hope you’re enjoying Venice and looking forward to hearing all about it. Love the song. x 🙂

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