Jamaica 2017

DSC01840.JPGThis is our second year in Jamaica and again it didn’t disappoint. The view of the cruise liners is right off our balcony. The weather is in the 80’s but most days there is a warm breeze that makes walking into town nice.

This year there are six of us and we have the villa which is a 3 bedroom, 3 bath plus a powder room. Balcony wraps around to include the bedrooms and a common area with big table, bar, and couch.

The pictures don’t do it justice.




In addition we had a roof patio with lots of room and a lap pool.   So easy to get spoiled with this one.







Last year we were so busy we didn’t get out to tour Rose Hall an old sugar plantation and home to the White Witch.   Kris in particular could hardly wait for this year to see it.   She even bought a book in the airport last year on Rose Hall and the White Witch.   The tour was even scarier after reading the book. And, of course we took the night tour. More then once it had me spooked to the point my feet engaged before my brain.   Here’s one of the websites with lots of pictures.

And a picture of our group just before the tour began and we still all had dry pants.


Jamaica remains one of our favorite places.  Love the weather, the people and all the decadent amenities.

14 responses to “Jamaica 2017

  1. What fun. Was this an all-inclusive resort? And I went and read about the White Witch. I don’t do spooky well, so probably wouldn’t have liked the tour of Rose Hall. Lol.

  2. I thought about you when I wrote about Rose Hall and no I’m pretty positive you wouldn’t have like it. The house still has original furniture and house hold items in it and is in good condition with a really great floor plan. Well worth visiting without the drama though I don’t think they do just historical tours. A shame.

  3. very cool! I would love to do that tour. I love that kind of thing and I love old houses. Glad you had a nice time. Jillian

    • This house has a unique floor plan. The tour guide was knowledgeable like when one of the actors left the dining room whistling. He said that when the slaves (house servants) cleared the table they were required to whistle so they couldn’t sneak bites of left over food.

  4. RoseAnn Stevenson

    I want to hear more about it! We have not been there yet.

    • You will love it RoseAnn. If you intend to visit you might want to pick up a book on Rose Hill and the White Witch. I’d give you our copy but we don’t have it anymore. There’s a lot written on the house and it’s occupants.

  5. It looks fabulous! And like Laurie, I went and read about the White Witch. Wow, I would LOVE to do that tour 🙂

  6. This sounds fantastic, 80 degrees would be great right now. I don’t do spooky but will read up about Rose Hill and the White Witch sounds fascinating. Luxury villa made it extra special I expect. X

    • We did enjoy the weather. Especially with the record cold temps we’ve had here. The Villa was even better with having the six of us. It was big enough in the common area’s of the balcony’s and upper patio to allow for mingling without giving up private space.

  7. Oh Wow! Looks fabulous and what fun. Don’t know about Rose Hill and the White Witch, but will do shortly… am off to read up. So pleased you had a lovely time. … I take it you all didn’t have dry pants when the tour was complete, she says laughing 🙂

  8. It was scary. The tour did an excellent job of staging.

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