Snow, Snow and more Snow

That’s how I feel right now.  All right I’ll admit the snow storm was a week ago, but there are still some of it is still on the ground in places. But when the storm hit, Super Bowl Sunday of all days, I was in awe.

I’d planned to go to my niece’s house to a Super Bowl party and watch the game.  Well, by 11 am I realized that plan was not going to happen.  While it had only been snowing an hour, it was sticking and very big flakes.

And I was happy I made the decision to stay home. By 1 pm there was an inch of snow and it was still coming down strong.  I was nice and cozy in my house watching the snow fall and wondering how much we were going to get.

I watched the Super Bowl, then some TV all the while keeping one eye on the falling snow.  Ended up going to bed at 11 pm due to losing power, thankfully I’d bought some small battery operated lanterns, added an extra blanket to the bed.  Penny and I snuggle down just in case the power didn’t come back on.  Luckily I it came back on at 12:30 am.

So I get up the next morning around 8 am.  Penny and I go into the family room and open the patio door and stop dead.  It’s still snowing.  Penny just stared out the door and ran for her puppy pads. Now there is close to a foot of snow in my back yard.  I walk to the front door and look out.

I’m so glad I didn’t have to anywhere because the roads were covered, people trying to drive where slipping and having issues.  It finally stopped snowing by 10 am, but we were still in freezing temps.

I’m happy to report on Thursday we got rain and warmer weather and now the snow is mostly gone.

I hope everyone has a great Valentine’s day.

Here’s some pictures of the snow

Taken out my front door:


And the snow in my back yard:


And here’s poor Miss Penny not happy she can’t go out:


13 responses to “Snow, Snow and more Snow

  1. This has been quite the year weather wise. I love the snow if I don’t have to go out. And, no one I care about does either. We aren’t used to it here in the Pacific NW so we aren’t the best snow / ice drivers.

    Beautiful pictures and Penny looks quite content. And, as ready for spring as I am.

  2. Miss Penny is more than ready for spring. This was a wild winter.

  3. Wow, that’s a lot of snow. We’re escaping it so far (fingers crossed). I’ll bet Miss Penny enjoyed her snuggle with you despite the weather 🙂

  4. I am betting Miss Penny is glad that nasty snow is gone. Lol.

  5. Now that really is a lot of snow. I love watching it fall but dread having to go out in it unless it’s to build a snowman. Thankfully, we’ve had zilch here, if you can call waking up two mornings weeks apart with just a tiny icing sugar dusting that melted by midday zilch. We’ve glorious sun here today, very spring-like but a cold wind still. Almost spring. Am sure Miss Penny is delighted she can enjoy outside again. lol. 🙂

    • Kit, I’m told we only get snow like that every 5 years – but I’ll be buying a snow shovel just in case. Glad you’re not having snow and yes, Miss Penny is very happy she can go out again even if its cold out.

  6. wow! Those are some awesome pics. Lots of snow for sure. AND poor Penny. Bless her. Hope she’s gotten to go out since then! Jillian

  7. Now that is snow! Cannot imagine having that much. Glad you and Penny survived. Great photos.

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