Lots of Things Afoot at Chez Chantal

Jillian here!  It’s been a busy time here at Chez Chantal. One of my staff had a stroke on Christmas Eve and, even though she is on the road to recovery, it’s been pretty stressful at the office since things don’t stop for anyone in this legal world. Some days, I am flat out beat up from trying to do my job and hers. My other staff member actually kind of lost it yesterday but I told her sometimes crying is what we have to do in order to feel better and move along.

Our stove at home has been falling apart steadily in the last year, losing one burner at a time so we decided to give ourselves a new one for Christmas and get granite countertops.  The woman who owned out house before us was all about pink and blue and I even had to change all the wallpaper before I could move in as it was super-loud with big ole pink and blue flowers.  I could live with the countertops so we left them alone. When we were looking at granite, I wanted something with character and I love what we found.  It matches the brick of our island perfectly, which I did not realize until they were putting them in. 🙂

When they came to install them, Hobbes was having his own little stroke trying to get in the house to supervise. Most cats hide when people come over but  not the Hobbster.  He wants to be in the middle of the action. The installers wanted to let him in off the back porch but I was not about to go there.  LOL

My husband’s great-niece is having a baby in March and I went to her shower and it was lovely. The hostesses outdid themselves and she got a lot of nice things. Part of my gift was some of those chubby board books and one of my other niece’s said, “Of course you thought of books when no one else did.”  Made me giggle.  The baby’s name will be Mia but when I first saw the cake, I was confused as I thought it was MIA as in Missing in Action.  Yep, I’m a dork. 😉

Oh, and I have a new book out. A Regency with a bit of adventure.

Here are some pics of my month so far.

10 responses to “Lots of Things Afoot at Chez Chantal

  1. I really like the granite. Getting it for my kitchen is on my list of todo’s but probably not this year as I want to put down a new floor in the master bedroom and bath. And, I need new living room furniture. Funny because we had just put in new granite in the kitchen and master bedroom/bath in the other house before I moved. Not starting again.

    Hobbes looks so cute at the door. And, yes most cats hide. We had one like Hobbes though and everyone wanted to take her home.

    Congrats on the new release. Wishing you a best seller.

    • thanks re: Granite. I am loving it. You sound like you have a ton of things you want to get done. It’s fun to pick out new, isn’t it? I bet your kitty was a sweetie, too. And thanks for the good wishes on the book.

  2. That baby shower cake looks so darn cute! and Hobbes is his usual handsome self. Congratulations, Jillian, on both the new release AND the new kitchen. That granite is spectacular. Lots of character and you’re right. It matches the brick really well!

  3. Love the granite, and the photos! And many congrats on your new release. Wishing you mega sales. I’m still laughing at Missing in Action 🙂

  4. Wow! That countertop is fantastic. What a find. Good luck with the new release. 🙂

  5. Gosh what a hectic time! Looks great. Another multi talented woman. Hobbes should have his own tv show! Plus your book on top. Well done.

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