Fifteenth Annual Cabin Weekend

It’s time for my annual family cabin blog. Since we started renting a cabin each winter back in 2002, this was our fifteenth annual weekend! This year was also extra special because we needed to heal as a family. After losing my mother last August, my Dad passed away in early January. He was 89 going on 16, and we called him the Energizer bunny because he had so many medical problems, but just kept going, and going, and going. 🙂 I will miss my pinochle partner, but I am so happy for the life he had that I got to be part of.

Anyhow, all the sadness in our lives made our time together at the cabin even more special. All five of our kids made it this year, as well as 3/4ths of our grandchildren. So we were eighteen strong. This particular cabin has a bunk house with a gym, which was kind of a life-saver this year as it was bone-chillingly cold. Our first night there, it got down to one degree Fahrenheit (minus 17 Celsius). And that was without the chill factor. Brrrr.

16105900_10210773601169826_5231261545443343314_nSo there was a lot of badminton, basketball, and volleyball playing. As well as dragging the youngest around the court on exercise mats.

p1120231Their laughter echoed through the gym and brought smiles to all.

We played games. Sorry, Farkle (aka Zilch or Ten Thousand), Hearts. Worked puzzles. Ate, ate, and ate some more.

16114462_10210773600489809_1145155353810621285_nSome even braved the cold to snowshoe and sled.


I took this picture. That was about as much time as I wanted to spend outside this year. I love the snow, but picked up a bad cough right after Dad passed away, so needed to stay inside.

And we watched the deer and wild turkeys from our deck:


Remember that crocheting project I was talking about? Here’s my granddaughter and I as I’m teaching her to crochet a headband in the colors of her favorite football team. Success!

16105515_10210773602849868_8282826178375859684_nWe didn’t take a group picture this year. We just relaxed and enjoyed each other. I did manage to corral the grandkids for a pic.

p1120244So another successful cabin adventure. I am more than grateful that we all still try to do this every year, and I hope we get at least fifteen more under our belts. 🙂 2017, for me personally, started getting better with that weekend.  I’m slowly moving my gaze forward and upward and am looking forward to many good things for the rest of this year. I hope you all are able to do that, also.

12 responses to “Fifteenth Annual Cabin Weekend

  1. Wow, love that gym. Do you ever go back to a cabin or is each year a new place? I’m happy to hear your on the mend, it’s not unusual for the body to say ‘enough’ and give or more like ‘make’ you slow down.

  2. What an awesome cabin! I love that gym. How cool is that? Lots of indoor fun when it was brutal outside. I’m glad you got to have this special time and that the healing has begun. I know you and your dad had a lot of good times and the pinocle was just a part of it. Love you, Jillian

  3. I loved every bit of that snow! Lol.

  4. Sounds like you had a great time, Laurie, and really pleased that you had that time together with your family after such a difficult time. Hope your cough is getting better. You certainly did the right thing by staying in the warm as much as possible. Great photos.

  5. So pleased your family were able to enjoy such valuable time together after the heartache you’ve all gone through. The photos are wonderful, as is the location. Long may these get-togethers continue. They are invaluable. Glad to read your cough has gone at last. Nasty things, coughs. Take care and keep warm. 🙂

    • That cough was nasty. I feel for anyone who gets it or the flu this winter. It’s an ugly season for sickness. And you’re right. Our cabin time is so valuable. And rejuvenating. 🙂

  6. Sounds a great weekend. New memories made as well as old ones remembered. Healing is the right word. I pleased your cold has gone mine is still hanging around. Thank you for sharing this with us, full of hope and fun. Love the crochet photo with your granddaughter, I taught my two to knit. Take care of yourself lovely lady. X

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