Détourné… Fouetté… Say what?

Toward the end of last year, I kept hearing about a goal-setting system that women around the world seemed to be raving about. A great believer in metaphysical arrows, and having far too many signs urging me to take a look at this system, I checked it out. To be honest, I thought it was just another one of those New Year bandwagon things, but having downloaded a digital version of one of the workbooks, I have to say that it’s got me thinking about and setting those goals. One of the tasks is to write down 100 things you want to do this year, yes that’s right, 100! I’ve got to about twenty, and most of those are small things like replacing the handles on the kitchen larder 🙂 But it seems to be working and, in one of those amazing synchronistic happenings that seem to come from actually writing goals down, one of my goals has already been met. Drum roll, please… I have started adult ballet lessons!

It all came about after seeing the Royal Ballet’s spectacular 2016 production of The Nutcracker. It was so beautiful, I found myself wishing I had never given up on the dance classes I enjoyed as a little girl. On leaving the venue, I saw a poster advertising adult ballet classes beginning in early January. Having persuaded a friend (an ally in trying out new fitness classes), we signed up. From the moment my hand wrapped around the barre and we took up first position, we were both hooked. Line and sinker. 20170127_114043Inspired, we ordered our ballet shoes (not pointe yet, but give me time, 🙂 )  My friend bought a black pair of pumps, but I plumped for traditional pink. Alas, my feet are no longer as dainty as they were when I first donned a pair, but it’s fun wearing them again.

We have a really great teacher who works us hard but makes it enjoyable too. Last week, after teaching us a little sequence putting together everything we’ve learned so far, she declared happily that we were all basically keeping in step and were at least travelling in the same direction!

The classes have reminded me how hard dancers have to work and I reckon that ballet dancers are true athletes. And if I ever need encouragement to keep going when things get tough out there on the dance floor, there is plenty of inspiration to be had. Take a look at this amazing young dancer.

So, onward and upward. I just need another 80 things to add to my list 🙂



14 responses to “Détourné… Fouetté… Say what?

  1. Great blog Trish! So pleased you have taken this challenge on, just have to hear you talking about it shows how inspired you are. Keep us informed of progress. Well done you! X

  2. Oh yes, we’ll need future blogs. The video was inspiring and so are you.

  3. Wow. Well done, Tricia. 100 goal;s, eh? Sounds daunting, but if some of them are easy one, it can probably work. I LOVE that you’ve gone back to dance. I hope it feeds your soul as much as it sounds like it does!

    • I’m really loving the ballet, Laurie. Yes, 100 goals sounds a bit daunting, but most on my list are easy-peasy things, like decluttering and starting to clear out the garage, both of which I’ve begun. Yay!

  4. Fantastic you’ve taken up this challenge. And even more fantastic you’ve taken that leap and put on your ballet pumps again. My love was ballroom and Latin American dance – always regretted giving it up. So go for it and enjoy. Have been giving thought to a 100 goals. So far am happy to strive or one or two. At least for this year. 🙂

  5. THIS, I love. I took ballet for 12 years and I loved it. I wanted to be good at it but I never really was dainty and graceful enough. I was much better at jazz and tap but man, ballet is my first love. AND I was totally in love with Barishnikov!! Keep it up – how fun! Jillian

  6. Ballet and dance are amazing for the soul! They are my soul food! I’ve rediscovered dance again after a 13 year hiatus! And now I know I’ll never not have dance in my life again! Well done you for trying something new!!! Welcome to the wonderful world of dance! X

  7. Thank you! And congrats on rediscovering dance again! It’s great, isn’t it? and like you, I can’t imagine ever not dancing again. Thanks for stopping by:)

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