Whilst out on my usual walk, which I’ve shown pictures of at times, I was musing the word motivation – as you do! I really had to force myself out on a cold, frosty morning but as there is more of me than when I fell ill I must exercise regularly and regain my fitness levels.  Thing is I have never been “an athlete”.  I set off reluctantly but pretty soon got into my stride and looked around at the winter landscape.  Frosted spiders’ webs, frozen plants and trees then the sun came out and transformed it all into a beautiful winter scene.  My spirits lifted, I was glad I had come out and enjoyed the walk which offered such a contrast to the other seasons I have enjoyed doing it.  Dog walkers and other people all speak so it becomes a sort of social event too.  Dogs always greet me (I’m not going to analyse that one!) and their owners always have a conversation.  This lengthens the time taken but adds so much too.  I arrived home feeling warmer, healthier and ready for a cuppa! Job done!

Motivation is an odd phenomenon.  Some people seem to have no problem, seem driven at times. The only time I really pushed myself hard was during my years of studying part-time for a degree whilst working full-time in a stressful job, two of my children were still living at home and my husband though very helpful had his own stresses.  Thinking back to those times I realised that if one has a goal that is important for whatever reasons one works hard to achieve it.  Finding ways to push on despite feeling despondent and exhausted. In the wider context I realised too how cushioned I am and have no real pressure to do it other my own desire.  It did change my life but every day people all over the world have to push themselves to their limit and beyond just to survive.  I am going to end this thought process now as it will become boring to read and too long for the blog.  I would love to hear how you motivate yourselves to achieve your goals.  No need to climb the highest mountain or come up with something to save mankind – I am veering  too close to politics now!  I hope this ramble of thoughts is understandable as you’ve all guessed I was struggling to motivate myself for this blog!

One result of my first degree was the opportunity to do another degree – a Masters Degree in History of Art Venice and Europe.  I had just turned 50, took early retirement from my job and flew off to Venice for 10 weeks (the first term).  I knew hardly anyone, most of the other students were 25 years younger than me and I was terrified.  The following two terms were in Warwick University, back in the UK, but my young friends supported me and I them.  The time in Venice was one of the best in my life, it changed my outlook on life and remains a continuing source of pleasure.  In February I am flying to Venice with my niece, Rhiannon, who has featured in some of my fun times I’ve shared with you previously.  This will be her first visit but not her last I am sure.  It may be my last but we will make it memorable.

To end I share a motivational post with you.Relax


11 responses to “Motivation

  1. You are so right- Motivation most overused word in the history of mankind!

  2. Glad you’re enjoying your walks, Janey. With the lovely frosty but sun-shiny days at the moment, it’s the UK at its winter best. Hmm, motivation. Not much of it to be had from me at the moment 😉 I remember when you were doing your degree and your Masters and how motivated you were, and I still think you are one of the most motivated people I know when you decide to do something – and yes, I can hear you scoffing from here, but it’s true! You’re going to have a great time revisiting Venice and I’m looking forward to hearing all about it xx

    • Dearest Trish you motivate me! You also know me too well! Thank you for your comments and moale boosting (and inspirational lunch)! Definitely report back on Venice. X

  3. First off, Jane, I could “listen” to you for hours. There’s a wonderful lilt and cadence to your blogs that just fills me with peace and makes me smile like I’m in a warm summer glade, relaxing.
    Second, you’re a braver woman than I am. I couldn’t have gone to school while working and raising a family. I had to retire before I could start writing! 🙂
    Lastly, this is a very timely post for me. I’m searching for my motivation, mostly because of personal events these past few months. I’ve just started again to write to-do lists. And to journal about not just my emotions and what’s happening, but also what I’ve accomplished. Lavada and I have had many conversation about how we forget to acknowledge what we’d gotten done. So I’m diving back into life, but I’m going to print that poster so I remember to breathe and just “be” sometimes.
    Thank you for such an awesome post!

    • Dear Laurie thank you for your praise, praise indeed as I admire your work and am sure if we met up would not be lost for words. You’ve been through a tough time so take time to recharge yourself. Glad you like the picture. Good luck you will reach your goals. X

  4. I love your nieces name, Rhiannon. I’d say you are one of the most motivated person I know. I too went back to school while working and the kids being home. I had an amazing amount of support from my husband and it was only nine months. I also had support from my employer. I find what you did impressive. Just being away from home would do me in.

    I try to stay motivated as I’ve found I’m happier with a goal in mind and adding to what Laurie said, taking note of what I’ve accomplished is in itself a motivator. Sometime in looking ahead I get discouraged thinking about what I didn’t accomplish when in fact it isn’t as bleak a backward landscape as I think.

  5. Thank you Lavada but we all have times when we cannot always achieve things but must keep trying. When I was completing my dissertation I had writer’s block for a month which despite support, ideas and trying hard I couldn’t overcome. I did complete it but always felt disappointed with final result. I continue to have a problem with blank page/screen but eventually manage to do it. You achieve so much in various ways so be proud. Hard I know but you and Laurie are quite a team I think. More about Rhiannon after Venice trip, three weeks until we leave!

  6. What an inspirational lady you are, Jane. My motivation and mojo often flounders, more often sinks, but somewhere, somehow it comes fighting back. Reading your brilliant post has made me even more determined now to get out there and do what I want to achieve, push myself. Make myself. It’s also reminded me of the promise I made to myself to get out for a walk every day. It’s a habit I’ve fallen out of step from and one I must get back into, especially now that spring is on its way. I love hearing the birds, seeing nature up close on frosty mornings, life coming back to the woodlands. So I’m off right now, boots on, coat on, ready to pound the pavements. As to Venice, that’s one city on my must be visited list. Do enjoy. Am looking forward to hearing all about it. And thanks for your orange cake recipe back in December. Made it last weekend. Hubby loved it, as did I. 🙂

    • Thank you Kit but so are you! Author, Artist (love your work), Gardener and Cook. I’m glad you are doing your walks but I’m not so motivated in this cold weather! Glad orange cake was a hit, it never fails! Venice will be topic for March blog, will get Rhiannon to take photos but hope it will spur you to go. Flying from Bristol – one week to go!

  7. Wow, Jane I am envious of that time you got to spend in Venice. I’ve been there once and it was for way too short a time. I love to travel and it sounds like you do as well and to get a degree while enjoying various places is super motivated if you ask me.

    Enjoy your trip this year. Take some lovely pics to share! Jillian

    • It is unique, bit like a living museum but wonderful. Will do best with photos but hope you manage another trip yourself. I am a lucky woman.

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