Last 2016 Project

I seem to do the same thing with time and accomplishments as I do with money. That is, at the end of the year I think where did it go. At one point when I was down about not getting anything done, Laurie suggested I do a ‘did it list’ to go along with my always ‘to do list’. Does it sound like I’m a list maker? Big time, sometimes I think I have lists for lists. 🙂

Okay I’m regressing here.   I do make daily lists, but a few years ago I put the major things down for the year. Looking back on 2016 I didn’t do so bad. I even got in 3 really great trips. Now, just to make it clear I’m not talking about ‘making this world a better place’ type of accomplishments though I hope I leave it a little better than if I hadn’t been here. This is secular type things, (ie. Trips, new furniture, etc. ).   So this fall I got the itch to do one last project for the year. As many of you know I moved into this place in January 2013 and it was pre-owned. Even though it had some nice upgrades I wanted to changes some things.

One thing was to re do the master bath. Take out the white, poorly laid tile shower, and put in granite or quartz bathroom counters. Now this is a small room so I thought hey how big a job can it be.   “Silly me.”

#1. It was expensive. I wanted a solid material to replace the tile and a pony type wall so I don’t need to clean water spots off glass. I settled on a material called Piedrafina. It pretty much is to marble what quartz is to granite. The main thing is the ease of maintenance (cleaning).

#2. It isn’t a fast job. They scheduled two weeks. At the end of three everything was still a mess.

#3. It was messy. They should have put up plastic for shields. They didn’t and I had a layer of dust over everything. They cut material in the garage, what a mess.

#4. There was missed communication.   The model shower in their showroom had a pony wall with wrap around Piedrafina. It turned out they designed mine with a sheetrock wall on the one side. And, they didn’t allow for it to be finished. When the job was done I had an exposed sheetrock wall open at the bottom showing the studs. I hadn’t intended to paint until next year but that changed. Thankfully I hired a separate painter who is fantastic. He not only painted the bath and bedroom he cleaned and painted the garage.    🙂 🙂

The last project of the year, that started out to be a medium sized one, turned into a major headache.   It will take a few months before I’m ready to even think of the next one. Well that is except for our trip to Jamaica that’s different.   Maybe I should just plan a year of travel and let house projects sit for awhile.

The pictures don’t do it justice. But it gives an idea of what it looks like.








9 responses to “Last 2016 Project

  1. Your bathroom looks great, Lavada! But what a frustrating time you’ve had to get there. Isn’t it interesting how the ‘smallish’ and ‘easy’ projects can so easily morph into mammoth tasks? We’re in the process of having our bathroom done. Dust everywhere! But the workmen have been brilliant. Had to laugh at a fellow dog walker I met the other day. She said that having projects done in the house was often traumatic, but she likened it to childbirth. When the baby arrives you forget the pain of it all. Ha!

    • I’m still not entirely happy with the pony wall. Or more specific the side facing the room. I love the shower and unbelievably easy to clean. Got a chuckle on baby anology so true.

  2. I totally agree having undergone this process during my treatment last October/November. Perfect timing but as your photos show it is well worth when the end comes. First few days I did feel as if I was in an hotel bathroom but now used to it just love it.

  3. I love that walk-in shower and the mosaic tile inside. It all looks awesome, Lavada! Worth the time and frustration, I think?

  4. Having undergone similar ourselves a couple of years ago, I too can understand what you went through. So frustrating when things don’t go as planned or promised but your bathroom certainly looks amazing now. And as you say, the ease of cleaning makes it all worthwhile.

  5. It looks great, Lavada. I love the shower especially. It is a pain to have workmen in the house but it sure turned out nice. Enjoy! AND, yeah, travel goals are the best. Jillian

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