laneyblog1daisy Here are a few pictures I have taken.  The one of Laney is when it first started to snow and the dogs are Andy and Daisy.

Here we are in January already and what a January we are having.  Jim and I have been “farm bound” for the last six days, but in the last month we have had several of those stretches.  It’s not that we can’t get out, but the roads are still covered with ice and it’s easier to just stay home.  We have actually watched a lot of movies and, of course, football.  I have actually got a little scrapbooking done but a lot of our time is spent sitting here watching the birds at our bird feeders.  They are so pretty this year and we have two Stellar Jays and two Scrub Jays that are back from last year.  They are kind of naughty birds but still fun to sit and watch and I’ve taken a lot of pictures.

Our cows are being their usual obnoxious selves and refuse to come in the barn to eat so I’m pushing a wheelbarrow through the snow to get to the fence to feed them and I have to dig their feed pans out of the ice twice a day.  Jim says they are spoiled and I need to just feed them in the barn but there is an upside—I don’t have to clean the barn.  Then there is the watering—twice a day because the automatic waters had to be turned off and of course ice broken in the water troughs—good thing– I’m getting lots of exercise!  The other nice thing is with the snow so deep the cows sleep under a huge cedar tree, nope not in the nice clean barn, so they don’t wander far from the house and I don’t have to go looking for them.

Missy and Daisy have very different opinions of the snow.  Daisy loves to run and roll around in it, Missy sticks her head out and I have to give her a push to get her off the porch.  We have had our friend’s dog, Andy, for the last week and he and Daisy have had so much fun.  We have a field between our house and the barn that is fenced for the dogs, on Wednesday morning it was so pretty then out went Andy and Daisy and all my beautiful snow was fluffed up.  But the driveway is still smooth and nice because we haven’t driven on it and the yard is so pretty.  Really though, I’m ready to have our rain back!!  And I’m ready to go to some high school basketball games, the games keep getting cancelled.

Happy New Year to each of you and I hope it is a Healthy and Happy one.

10 responses to “SNOW, SNOW and MORE SNOW

  1. Oh how I can remember the frozen water troughs. I’m not into outside chores to start with but have found that I ‘sort’ of enjoy them in the spring and summer. Still don’t miss them. Besides I just got back from walking Teddy. I have him for a few days and his people walk him a lot so he gets excited if he sees me heading for my coat.

    The snow is beautiful we haven’t gotten nearly what you have and I’m okay with that. I’ll just enjoy seeing your pictures. 🙂 So a pot of soup or chili, and curl up with a good book or movie. Sounds like the way to spend a spell of winter.

  2. I love the sound of spoiled cows. LOL! I’m glad you don’t have to clean the barn but it sounds like a lot of work to get the food out there to them. Loving the pictures- And having time to watch tv and scrapbook sounds divine.

  3. I love the mental picture of Daisy and Andy frolicking in the snow. And by now, your rain has returned. Our has with a vengeance. I’m not quite sure you’re thawed out, yet, though. A friend of ours in Portland posted “Let the Thawing Begin!” today!

  4. Had to laugh at your ‘spoiled’ cows, Nancy! Animals are so funny, as are we humans in our attempts to look after them 🙂 Lovely photos!

  5. Hate snow, but do so love seeing it as long as I’m inside in the warm. Don’t envy anyone who has to work outside in it. Spoilt cows make for great milk, so I’ve been told. They must obviously know this. Love the photos and the images you have created for us. 🙂

    • Ours are just beef cows. I grew up milking cows, decided I didn’t want to do that anymore so we have had beef cows for over 40 years much easier than milk cows. I’m ready for spring 😜😜

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