Snow and Movies

Well, I will say 2016 went out with a bang.  And by that I mean snow.  While others where wishing for snow I wasn’t. You see New Year’s day I had tickets to go see Rogue One.

I’m a big Star Wars fan, so me and my family planned this out.  We were going to the IPic theater.  For those of you who don’t know, the IPic has these nice reclining seats, and you have your own waiter to get your food.  They bring you free popcorn and water.

It can be expensive, but well worth it for first run movies.  I was eagerly waiting.  Then it snowed.  Let me explain, I was born and raised in San Francisco where I’ve seen snow in SF twice in my lifetime and even then the close the city down.  Since I’ve moved to Washington, I’ve seen snow.  I’ve driven in it once and just about had a nervous breakdown.  I don’t like it when my car starts skidding all over the place.

So this Sunday morning, I wasn’t too happy to see that it snowed, but where I live there was just a little dusting.  I knew the two icy spots coming out of my complex, so figured things would be okay.  I will say this, I made it to my sister’s house.  It took me about 35 minutes for a 10 mile drive.  While I had just seen a dusting, my sister had inches.  Her roads were much worse than mine.  But I made it to her house, sat in my car for a few minutes until I finished shaking.  Going home that night wasn’t too bad except for my sister’s house because their roads were still bad.

That said Rogue One was a great movie, a nice lead up to A New Hope.  It was a little bitter sweet with the death of Carrie Fisher, but I can’t wait for the next installment.

Here’s a picture of the snow at my sister’s house:


And of course what would a month be without a Penny picture – this was taken after I had her groomed.  I had her ears colored – I won’t do it again even though she looks really cute. But she’s got pink nails again.



7 responses to “Snow and Movies

  1. Miss Penny looks like she’s in hibernation mode. Did you like the theater experience? Was it worth the cost? I’ve thought of doing that one of these days.

  2. I thought about doing IPic. Was the food good? Did it disrupt the movies to have it delivered? Gee sounds like you need to do a blog on the experience. 🙂 I hear what your saying about snow. For years I drove in it to and from work. Now most of the time I can outwait it as the Pacific NW doesn’t usually get all that much.

    Love the Penny picture. So snuggled in.

    • The food is fairly good, there’s not a real big selection, usually we get dessert and drinks. No it doesn’t disrupt, they do their best to take your order before the movie starts, and deliver before the previews are over. And they do come and check on you, the kneel down next to your seat asking if you need anything. It’s all done very quietly, half the time I don’t notice them until they talk.

  3. Love the idea of the IPic movie. I don’t think we’ve anything like that over here. I too am looking forward to seeing Rogue One (I’m a Star Wars nut too!) Rare we get snow here, least not a lot and thankfully, not often. Love Penny’s ears!

  4. that theater sounds very nice. We don’t have any like that. Wish we did. I’m glad you were able to get out and enjoy despite the snow. Enjoyed the pics!! Jillian

  5. I’m with you on the snow+driving=nervous breakdown part! Love to look at the snow, but that’s about it. Lovely pics.

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