You know it’s Cold When …

Even the panhandle of Florida is in the 20s with wind chill in the teens. I see where you friends in the Pacific Northwest are even getting cold, cold temps and snow. Our England pals are also getting winter. Now, we here in Pensacola are in the throes of the season (for 48 hours)- by Wednesday this week, it’ll be back to 74 degrees.

Last week, it was in the 70s and there were two nights of severe weather and even a few tornadoes. Then, by the weekend, it was in the 20s. Friday, it didn’t get over 38 degrees. It’s a wonder we don’t all perish from the craziness of the season.

Every one stay warm and cozy!!

I’m not one to make new year’s resolutions because I always say that word seems to set me up for failure. The word goal seems much more palatable to me. I can accomplish a goal, not too sure I can do the same with a resolution.

Since Kit put it out there in the universe that she’s going to get her books published and going to enter some art contests, I’m going to put out there that I plan (goal) to publish at least 4 this year. So, I’ve said it, let’s see if I will do it!  🙂


9 responses to “You know it’s Cold When …

  1. I’m not sure about our universe and this weather. Last year the temps in the Spring and Summer brought record high and now record cold.

    I’m joining you and Kit in getting books published. I have 3 that I have the rights back and aren’t available anymore. So need to re-release them. I took last year off from writing with the intent of retiring but I need these back out there and to finish off a holiday short story series that I intend to put in an anthology so I can do it in print. Lets hope we all make our goals this year. For sure I will get farther then last year. Anyone can improve on Zero 000. 🙂

    • yep. the weather has sure been wonky these last couple of years.
      Good for you for getting ready to get three of your books back up and getting the holiday story up. AND yep, we need to cheer each other on with the goals. AND improving on zero will be easy-peasy! 🙂 Jillian

  2. Weather is bouncing all over the place. Even my sister in Philly goes from 20 degrees one day, 50 the next. It’s crazy. Wow, everyone’s posting goals, huh? Okay, for me…two books completed and in submission order and the third done through the first draft. That’s mine. 🙂

    • Great goals, Laurie. I hope your NaNo story is in there! AND yep, weather is nuts. We had 67 today and will be 75 again tomorrow and never got over 50 yesterday. Nuts! JIllian

  3. Best of luck with your goals! We have been having real roller coaster temps, with more to come. It was 8 a few nights ago, but we are supposed to break the record high in a few days into the 60s, then plunge again to 30 a day or so later.It’s been crazy.

    • We are pretty much spring here. Been in the high 70s and while that is nice, it doesn’t bode well for mosquito season. Thanks for the good wishes on my goals. Jillian

  4. Right, ladies, let’s all make it our year to achieve a goal! As to the weather, remarkably mild this week after last week’s freezing temps and snow (a little) in places. A few flakes and this country seems to grind to a halt for some unknown reason. At least I have snowdrops and hellebores in flower in the garden already and the daffs are well on their way. Will soon be spring – yipee!

    • Yay for goals and for being united in purpose! and we are already spring here- we had about 4 days of cold and only 2 where we got below freezing. We really need way more days of cold than that or the mosquitos will be horrific in the summer- big enough to tote you off. LOL. Enjoy your nice weather! Jillian

  5. Loving your writing goals, Jillian. Will be following your progress through the year. It’s been really cold here and looks to be continuing into next week. But it’s sunny and bright, so it works for me 🙂

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