Making 2017 Count

Once again, the giant blue orb has slipped into another year and 2017 is with us. Winter has come too, with a heavy frost. The garden pond is frozen, the grass crunching underfoot as I ventured out to replenish the bird feeder. At least today the sky is blue, the air clean and the sun out.

The festivities are over, decorations put away, cupboards looking decidedly bare of food and Mum sitting snug in my sister’s car being safely transported home as I write this. With Dave back at work today, the house is quiet and calm. A little too quiet after a frenetic fortnight but it grants me the opportunity to reflect for a moment on 2016.

It wasn’t a good year for many people including most of my family and friends. Dave and I certainly had our share of misfortunes and serious health issues, and whilst it would be easy to list all the problems we’ve endured and come through, there were several highlights too; nothing major, perhaps small, almost insignificant, for many people, but they meant a great deal to me.

The first was being able to celebrate with the family my mother’s 90th birthday back in March which, in turn, brought my brother over from Spain to spend a few days with us even if he couldn’t bring the sunshine with him. There was a short trip to the English Lake District, somewhere I’d always wanted to visit. It was here I saw our native red squirrels at close hand and had the opportunity to hold and stroke a barn owl ­­– one of my favourite birds. Three items on my most want to do list ticked off in one fell swoop.

Kingfisher © Dreamstime Stock Photos

© Dreamstime Stock Photos

Then came the visit to the garden of  our native kingfisher – my favourite bird of all. They aren’t rare but I had never seen one in the flesh despite my being a keen birdwatcher. They are birds of woodland streams and rivers, so to find one perched on my bird feeder in the middle of a vast housing estate one morning was an absolute joy and a dream come true. It was the last place I expected to see one. By the time I had scrabbled to get my camera ready, the beautiful bird had flown.

So to 2017. I’m not one for making resolutions – like most people’s good intentions they seldom last more than a few weeks. Instead, I make a list of things to achieve. I might never achieve them all, if any, but it gives me focus and a starting point, pointing a way forward. First on my list is to have a proper sunshine holiday. You know me: hate winter, love summer. But at least the days are getting longer now, bit by bit. This morning I spied the first snowdrop in bud on the lawn and the more I looked, the more new shoots I saw, of crocus and daffodils and of hellebores in bud, their colours shining out already. Anyone walking by would have wondered why I wore such a broad smile.

I have several novels written which I am determined this year will see at least one of them published, if not all, along with a self-help book I’m writing.  I intend to give my art a big push too; enter painting competitions, join an art class, lead an art class? And I simply must make the effort to exhibit some of my work. Some how. Some where. Make the effort. Push myself.

Starting now. Things can only get better.

So, yes, 2017 WILL BE MY YEAR!

And wishing you all have a fabulous year too.

7 responses to “Making 2017 Count

  1. It seems 2017 arrived so soon. 2016 was good here though more people are leaving us. Some thankfully are just locating to a warmer climate but we are losing some too. Christmas with family brought home just how blessed we are. We are kicking off the year with another trip to Jamaica. We went last year and all agreed for the trip back.

    We seem to run a parallel with your weather. Cold and clear today.

    Wishing everyone a Happy 2017.

    • Yes, I value each moment with my family too. And although I can’t locate to warmer climes have this morning booked what I hope will be one of several holidays this year. Only a short break to Shakespeare country in April but it gives me something to look forward to. Enjoy Jamaica. Never travelled there but I do so love the Caribbean. 🙂

  2. I’m loving your list of things to achieve in 2017, Kit. Go for it! And yes, a trip around the garden seems full of promise. The evenings are slowly getting lighter and although it’s cold just now, we’re only weeks away from spring. Bring it on. Glad you’ve booked your first trip of the year!

  3. I love the achievements list, Kit. Although it looks pretty steep. I am guessing it will fill quite a few of your hours and that’s not a bad thing. Happy New Year!

    • If I manage just one, Laurie, I will be well pleased. I procrastinate too much so really need to get down to things this year. At least so far 2017 is off to a good start. 🙂

  4. Love the goals you have set for 2017. Can’t wait to see what you do!! Whatever you do will be amazing! Love the pic of the bird. I’d love to see one in person. Lucky you!

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