Winter Solstice

img_0624Today, Winter solstice, is one of my favorite days of the year. From this day until June the days will start being longer. I took the picture here yesterday around 5:00. It’s dark out there, really dark.

I’m not a morning person so having long days where I can be outside in the evening is something I enjoy. Plus, I don’t like to drive when it is so dark outside so short days make for less time to be out and about.

In times past pagan cultures celebrated Winter solstice in a variety of ways, but times have changed. The ancient gods of winter have transformed into more modern depictions. Old Man Winter or Jack Frost now perjack_frost_1979_by_naikoworld-d5p3h73sonifies the season.

I like Jack Frost the best. He is typically viewed as a mischievous boy who bites the noses of people to give them a chill.

With Christmas day just around the corner winter loses some of its bite, at least for a few days. And, as we enter the winter season here in the Northern hemisphere, I console myself with “tomorrow the sun will set later in the day and soon it will still be light outside my patio door at 5:00.”

Okay, it might be light with snow falling, but hey, at least I will be able to see it.

By the time I post another blog 2016 will be in our rear view mirror. Wishing you the best in the coming year. Life is good.








12 responses to “Winter Solstice

  1. I have another friend who feels the same and celebrates today mostly because the days now get longer. As for me, I rather like the hibernating aspect of winter. I tend to stay home more (or try to…that doesn’t always work) and just “be.” Your tree is cute! 🙂

  2. Happy Winter Solstice! Like you, I am a real fan of the promise of lighter evenings and longer days. Bring it on. Seeing your lovely tree has inspired me to get mine done. Am running late this year 🙂

    • My tree is easy, only takes about a half an hour to put up. I went to a Christmas party the other day and she had an absolutely beautiful ‘real’ tree. She said it takes her 4 hours to put up each year. Ummm, got me to thinking how long it takes her take it down.

      5:00 is just too early for night, it sort of cuts out evenings. I remember coming home from work in the dark, hated it.

  3. Completely agree. I’m ready for longer days!! Happy New Year see you soon.

  4. Bring it on. I’m with you, Lavada. Each day noting on the clock what time I’ve forced to close the living room curtains. Sooo miss my early morning coffee in the garden. Hope you had a lovely Christmas. 🙂

  5. I starting to notice it here now. Barely and in part because it’s clear and not raining. Though we’ve had record breaking cold temps. I’m ready for spring.

  6. your tree was lovely and I like Jack Frost too- mischief is always fun, right? AND I can relate to the night driving thing. I’ve always had issues with that and they don’t seem to get better, do they? Happy new year, sweet friend. JIllian

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