When they actually can hear you scream!

Okay, so November has sort of passed in a blur that is NaNoWriMo, but happy to say the end is now in sight and on the home run. Yay!

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experience of NaNo and it seems to have had the desired effect of getting me back into the writing mindset. The story has absorbed me, and the best part of all, I’m enjoying writing again. But November hasn’t been all work and I’ve made time for some fun along the way.

Every month a nearby town holds a community theatre and movie night, which has turned into a girls’ night out. We four do the whole thing: popcorn, wine (for those who aren’t driving), ice cream and a shared box of chocolates. Last night’s movie was Me Before You which was really excellent. I haven’t read the book (being a happy-ending kinda gal) but absolutely loved the movie. Excellent acting, a good story, and although a sad ending it wasn’t mawkish. Highly recommended for those who might not have seen it.

We also had a theatre trip into Bath to see The Woman in Black. This was billed as being ‘the most terrifying live theatre experience in the world’ which, for those of us who love to be scared witless by such things, was impossible to resist. So off we went, the fearless four, armed with fortifying chocolate and comments such as “bet it’s not as scary as they say” and “whose idea was this anyway?”

The play was the stage adaptation of the movie of the same name and is based on Susan Hill’s story of a lawyer obsessed with a curse he believes has been cast on him. In the stage play, he employs an actor to help him exorcise his demons, but soon what is real and what is make-believe begin to blur with spine-tingling results.

One British newspaper gave the play five stars and said: “The atmosphere is so charged up that on more than one occasion, the entire audience screamed in terror”  Well, I read that with a little scoff…until I actually did. The play was spooky and I lost count of the number of times I jumped out of my skin. It was incredibly well acted, with excellent sound effects and visual aids. During one loud and blood-curdling scream which seemed to come from right behind us, we all instinctively grabbed for each other and yes, actually screamed right back. Since most of the audience were engaged in a kind of hushed nervous laughter, I don’t think we were alone in that.

So, two hours later we emerged, a little shell shocked and with the chocolates still in their unwrapped state. Testament indeed to a good night had by all.


(n.b. apologies for the formatting of this post – did something wrong somewhere and couldn’t work out how to get it back to normal!)


9 responses to “When they actually can hear you scream!

  1. Tricia, what a show The Woman in Black must be! I remember, waaaay back in high school, a showing in the gym of an old movie called Wait Until Dark. An all girl school, so an all girl gym. The communal scream was ear-shattering when we realized that blind Audrey Hepburn was NOT alone! I can still shudder at that memory. Lol. I know you’re very close to completing the 50,000 words in one month challenge. Well done!

  2. I love the image of the four of you clinging together screaming! Sounds a busy month. So pleased writing back on track too. Well done you! Looking forward to reading it. See you soon. x

  3. Great to hear the NaNo’s going so well. I knew you could do it! As for that play – no way will you get me in any theatre showing it. Hate been made to leap out of my skin. At least with a movie, the accompanying music is a giveway of something coming so you can avert your eyes or hide behind the sofa! Good, though, that you managed to get in some R&R in between the writing. I trust there were no spiders in play – I seem to recall someone freaking out in Whitby not so long ago… 😉 I remember seeing Wait Until Dark – although I jumped it was a great film but I think it was that one that told me not to do scary any more. Looking forward to hearing all about your Nano baby soon.

    • LOL, Kit. Thankfully no spiders! You’re right about the music in movies, that’s a sure giveaway to get ready for something untoward 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday.

  4. So impressed with you and Laurie doing the NaNo. I’m not real good at the really scary movie’s and can only imagine the live performance. My daughter would LOVE it. I have “Me Before You” on my to get list, glad to hear the good review.

  5. Thanks, Lavada. Really glad I did NaNo, although it’s nice to have the pressure off now. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the movie. So well acted.

  6. I was so excited to see you win NaNo. It is def. something to be proud of. AND it’s awesome that you went to see the Woman in Black. I saw it on one of my trips to London. It was very atmospheric and spooky Jillian

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