Please tell me where October went.  Sorry I missed my blog—can I use this excuse?  We have been up to our necks in APPLES, what a crop we had this year.  Jim and I have been making applesauce for anyone who will take it and he loads apples in the car when we go to town and gives them away.  Tonight I think, I hope, we are on our last batch of applesauce for the year!!  Tomorrow we will make Apple Butter and put up a few more packages (or jars) for pie filling. 

So that’s my excuse for missing my October blog and really, I love October, the falling leaves, that I have to pick up, the end of the garden for the year, the crispness in the air and of course Halloween. This year Jim made little boxes to put candy in for the kids.  I think he made about 40 and we had 16 Trick or Treat kids, but the candy got given away at football games and to friends.  Now he is in the Thanksgiving mode and has made a lot of boxes for candy treats for friends for Thanksgiving.  My Weight Watcher friends will love me(yikes).  But he did take them apples!

This morning I thought I’d have a nice easy morning, feed the cows, watch CBS This Morning and maybe get some scrapbooking done.  So out I go to feed the cows that are usually patiently waiting for me, and NO COWS.  Great, so I called and called and still no cows, so off I go on a little hike to find them.  I walked our fence line and the neighbors (which they share) and still no cows.  Then I hop in the car and drive up the road, thinking “if they are out I’m getting rid of them”.  On my last loop I drive past the closest side of our place and there they are eating the hay and grain that I had put out for them an hour or so earlier, grrrr, they got a piece of my mind.  I’m sure they understood they messed up my whole morning.  Guess I’ll keep them around for a while; they must have slept in this morning–somewhere.

And speaking of sleeping in, we have our friends’ dog Andy again.  Love Andy, he is one of the sweetest dogs ever.  He and Daisy are great friends and will run around for hours outside looking for squirrels, which they never catch.  Every time we keep Andy he and Daisy decide to get up really early one morning.  As I drag myself out of bed I’m thinking, you guys are just going to stay out in the rain, I don’t care if you get wet and cold.  So out they go and back to bed I go, for about 5 minutes, gotta check on those two.  They are out at the woodpile looking for squirrels.  Now I’m wide awake!!  So I sent a note to my friends and said:  FOR SALE, two dogs, one black, one blond, cheap, early risers, great squirrel chasers but never catch them!!  Needless to say they were back in shortly; curled up in their beds, sound asleep.  Gotta love those two, oh and Missy, she never even uncovered her head, no way will she get up that early.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all of you, enjoy your families and have a wonderful holiday season.

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  1. What a great visual picture you created. Love these down home blogs. What fun. And, the trouble with the dogs getting up early is they go right back to sleep. We don’t. 🙂 🙂

  2. Loving the touch of country we get when you blog, Nancy. I wonder if you’d be interested in telling us how you can apples for pie? My husband would be forever grateful. He LOVES apple pie. 🙂 Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. Mmm sounds delicious, I bet your friends and neighbours appreciate your efforts. Well done.

  4. We’ll excuse you as you’ve been so busy. You’ve certainly painted a glorious picture for us and I can smell those delicious apples cooking; certainly a wonderful smell at autumn. Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving with lots of apple pie. Yummy. 🙂

  5. Sounds like an active fall for you. And lecturing the cows? Yeah, I know they listened. LOL! Hang in there. And keep us entertained with the tales! Jillian

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