And the Holiday Season Begins

Happy November everyone.

We made it through Halloween and past the election as contentious as it was. No matter how it turned out, we are resilient human beings and we can survive.

While October was one rainy month for those of us in the Pacific Northwest it hasn’t really gotten cold here yet.  Of course, Miss Penny wasn’t happy with all that rain, if the sun so much as peaked its head out, she wanted outside to stand in it.

Speaking of Miss Penny, she caught a cold.  Yeah, poor puppy.  Luckily she just has a doggy cough and a few sneezes.  Otherwise she’s her normal self in running around, eating and drinking.  But since she is my furry baby I can’t help but worry about her.

This weekend is my last writers conference for the year, I’m happy it is.  I’m working hard in trying to get several books done by the end of the year.

I hope everyone is doing well and since I won’t be back until December – Have a happy Thanksgiving.

Of course I can’t forget a Miss Penny picture – this is one of the few times I can catch her sitting on the sofa.  She’ll only jump up there when I’m out of the room and the second she hears or sees me jumps down.



3 responses to “And the Holiday Season Begins

  1. Hello, Miss Penny! And Marie, too! Yep, we had a drencher in October. I’m looking forward to it getting colder, though. I like Winter. My cat is like your puppy. Wind, rain, or snow? It’s indoor we go. 🙂

  2. I would like see and Indian summer this year but it isn’t predicted so guess the next best thing is cold and dry. Great pic of Penny this month.

  3. Waving to Miss Penny, and hope she is fully recovered from her cold. Yes, the year’s winding down as we wind up for the holiday season. Hate winter but hanging in there. Trust the writing’s going well and that you had a happy Thanksgiving. Take care until next time. 🙂

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