The Garden in November

Slowly, imperceptibly, Earth has tilted towards winter again, and as the clocks are forced backwards an hour, daylight increasingly less and less, my garden is still proving to be a delight. The start of this month in the UK has been dismal and grey, turning my mood to grey too and wishing I could withdraw under the duvet until spring. It’s only because we’re having such a colourful autumn that I haven’t quite sunk into S.A.D mode completely. However, this morning the sun is out and before my backyard is plunged into shadow for the remainder of the day and until next March, I ventured outside with the camera to capture the garden’s last flush before tonight’s frost plunges it into hibernation.

2016-10-21-12-05-48The cosmos is still in flower, the pinks and whites a dazzling splash. They were worth every penny. I usually grow this plant from seed but this year, because I wanted the space to move plants from the long border for the planned revamp, I didn’t sow any. These I bought as small plants which have done me proud.

The cosmos is interspersed with dark brown flowers from my chocolate cosmos, my favourite. It not only looks pretty but smells of chocolate. Wonderful! Now this has been a success. I’ve tried for many years to keep this plant over winter but every year, good old Choccy always dies on me. But not this one. It survived, now in its second year and I am hoping it thrives again next year.


We haven’t been able to carry out the planned revamp this summer, so that has been put back until next year, and thus the long border has been left to do its own thing this summer, and gaps filled in with pots of plants rather than planted.


Faithfuls have been the fuchsia, grown from a cutting from a cutting taken years ago from my childhood home back in London. We don’t know the variety, but always refer it as the Hounslow fushia. The nigella has been flowering non stop since early spring. It pops up everywhere, in various shades of blue, pink and white, and self-seeds readily. Another plant I can always rely on is the everlasting wallflower (Erysimus), whose long stems of mauve flowers keep coming and coming. It flowers for most of the year so, even in winter there is always this gorgeous splash of colour. I’m on the lookout for the orange variety, but having difficulty locating one.

2016-10-21-12-09-01One plant family I’ve only recently come to like is Heuchera. Its many different varieties have the most varied leaf colours I know, from lime green, through to almost black. The flowers are nothing special, usually white or pink spikes but the beauty of this plant is that it grows in almost any position and doesn’t die back in winter. I must get some more next year. I have the perfect bed for it near the patio doors.

So whilst the rest of the garden succumbs to the autumn chill, I can at least for the time being enjoy the splashes of life thriving in my little plot.

I just wish someone would tell my rhododendron it’s not supposed to flower until next May!


11 responses to “The Garden in November

  1. Our Ash tree is still fully leafed and there is a lovely amount of lingering colour in the borders at a time when everything is usually dying off. Great to see everything in your garden looking good too Kit xx

  2. I’m a fan of heucheras too.

  3. For some reason I haven’t been getting emails when a new blog or comment is posted. I’ll have to pay better attention to the website.

    I’m having the same thing with the rhododendron here. We have a record rain fall for October but so far November has been beautiful. Of course we’re only in 3 days.

    Absolutely love the pictures. Thanks for sharing your garden.

  4. What beautiful color you still have! Most of our color has disappeared, including the vibrant yellows and reds of tree leaves that I love each Autumn. Thank you so much for sharing your garden with us. I feel like I’ve just been sitting out there with sun shining down, relaxing. 🙂

    • Most of the plants are succumbing to the frost now, all the dahlias gone and only a few left in flower. It’s been a glorious autumn here and many trees still to change. Plenty of inspiration and now waiting for the sun to return next spring. Glad you enjoyed the quick visit to the garden. 🙂

  5. Lovely photos Kit your garden always looks so colourful. I have picked the last of my rosebuds this week and they are just opening. Wet weather here now colder winds will end our autumn blooms sadly. Thanks for brightening it up with your photos.

    • Thank you, Jane. Despite the lousy weather here, I too still have roses in bloom and picked one today for indoors, the fushias are still hanging on to the flowers, even though their leaves have dropped, and the nigella still popping up in bursts of blue and white. I keep telling myself in a few weeks the hellibores will be in flower, the snowdrops out and even the crocus in the lawn in flower, as long as the snow keeps away. Glad you enjoyed the photos. 🙂

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