October Craziness

I’m late today.  It’s been that kind of month for me, I’m losing track of time and dates.  I  kept thinking it was only October 3rd, does that tell you something?

So how is everyone?

Here in Western Washington I feel like we’ve gone from summer to winter without fall.  Just a few weeks ago we were in the mid 70’s during the day to we’re lucky if we break 60 degrees.  And the nights…burrr it’s already dropped into the mid to low 30’s.  The last few mornings, I’ve woken to frost on the ground.  I can’t ever remember a year where its become this cold this early.

But starting tomorrow, we’ve got a rain storm coming in.  It’s suppose to rain for the next 6 days, another reason I feel like winter is already here.  Hopefully, the wind won’t get too bad, that’s what causes the damage.

I’ve been super busy with writing conferences, I was at one in September, have another one this month and one in November.  I don’t know how I managed to get these all scheduled in back to back months, but I did.

Trust me when I say Miss Penny is ready for the winter – I want to be like her and just snuggle under my blanket and sleep



7 responses to “October Craziness

  1. I love naps and haven’t been getting one the past few days. Seeing Penny makes me really envious. Stay dry, like you said the forecast is for a very wet, stormy period. Let’s hope it over soon. I’d love to have an Indian Summer.

  2. Helloooo, Miss Penny! Oops, I guess I should whisper since she’s sleeping. I can just bet she’s ready to hibernate. It’s been downright chilly here. I’m glad you’re keeping busy, although it sounds like you may be TOO busy??? Enjoy October. The trees are beautiful!

  3. Hello Laurie! I’m just now swinging back into the social networking circles. I had to deleted my website on WordPress.org a while back because it got hacked and I was concerned about my subscribers. It has taken me a long time to get back to it. I am keeping my old blog with WordPress.com, as I have learned it is tough to hack. And I don’t need the creativity that the .org offers.

    I have missed connecting with you. In my corner of the world, North of Ferndale, WA, we dodged the storm and though there were branches strewn on the acreage, no trees fell, and the winds didn’t hit the high speeds. Very thankful. And so sorry for those who suffered damage or endured power outages. My thoughts also were with the linemen for the electric companies. Grateful to the men and woman dedicated to taking care of the rest of us!

    Yes, cozy feelings are easier at this time of year! There is something special about the crisp autumn air (when storms are not threatening.) Take care always. Marion

    • Marion! It’s great to see you back in the e-sphere! And I’m glad to hear you’re back to blogging, too. I’m with you. I love the crispness of Autumn. Good writing season, eh?

  4. Hello and warm greetings to you as well, Marie. My new URL for the blog is http://marionspicher.com. Plan is to pick one day a week to post, and be consistent.

  5. Duh. I just realized the blog post was from you, Marie. I’ll eventually get the hand of this again!

  6. What a buzy bee with all those writing conferences. Hope they proved good and exciting. Last one I went to I came away feeling a bit flat. Hope all is safe and dry even if chilly. Miss Penny certainly has the right idea..:)

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