It’s September, and that means…

… Strictly Come Dancing is back on our UK screens! That’s Dancing with the Stars in the US.

We’ve just seen the celebs perform their first dance and it looks set to be a really good series. The standard is pretty high, and in some cases woefully low, but since it’s early days a lot can happen.

Of course, I’ve watched closely so that I can pin my colours to a couple of dancers who I think show enormous potential. None more so than actor Danny Mac. He has great technique, style, and enormous entertainment value. There. I hope I’ve convinced you that I’ve chosen him as my favourite purely by academic reasoning and not in the slightest due to his undeniable hotness 😉 Here he is performing his first dance. What do you think?


When we were engaged, and during the early years of our marriage, AJ and I used to go ballroom dancing and we managed to get to silver standard. We loved it, but life got in the way and other things claimed our time so we never went for gold. Of course, over the years, AJ has never let me forget that he won the dancing school’s award for ‘Best Ballroom Dancer’ in 1976. Which means that every time a new series of Strictly starts he never fails to tell me “They’ve forgotten to ask me again. Don’t they know I was given an award?”. Bless. Knowing I was writing this post, he’s asked me to include a photo of his award for you all to see *pause while Tricia does an eye roll*.

So, drum roll. Here is his much-coveted, and oft-celebrated, plaque. Surely it’s only a matter of time before Strictly comes calling, dear 😉20160927_123737










5 responses to “It’s September, and that means…

  1. I hadn’t realised I was in such sparkling company! Well done AJ. Tricia you know every season I say I’m not bothered this year well – yes already hooked! Peter says “oh you can watch I don’t mind” BUT he already has his favourite, little Claudia the gymnast. She and her partner AJ (reminds of the AJ cheeky!) look barely old enough. Loved first dances, some were amazing already. Great blog! X

  2. Wow, that’s quite a start to the season. And, I’m impressed with AJ’s award and your history.

  3. Good for AJ, showing pride in that win. 🙂 And I love this side of you two we haven’t seen yet. Maybe you should both pick it back up. It’s great exercise. As for Danny Mac…that was his FIRST dance? Geesh, they might want to just hand him the trophy. Wouza!

  4. Gosh, didn’t know I was in such company either. And well done AJ. I used to do ballroom and Latin American dancing too right up to taking my National Awards. This was back in my teenage years and I do miss it (dancing and the teenage years 😉 ). Sadly Dave doesn’t dance. I don’t normally watch Strictly as I find the judges annoying but am already hooked on this season. At the moment I’m torn between Danny Mac and Judge Rinder.

  5. wow. that’s amazing. Way to go, AJ! Love it. I did dance as a young women but sadly, I married a man who doesn’t dance. Alas. I love your post. JIlian

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