20160916_140445I love September, the colours, the early morning chill which often turns to warmth midday and cool evenings. The song  Autumn Leaves,  especially Nat King Cole’s version, expresses my feelings about autumn which has become favourite of mine over many years ago and a newer version by Andrea Bocelli conjures more recent memories.  There is an underlying sadness but also positive tones in the words.  A must do for my family in September is to go blackberry picking, make a pie but also freeze some berries for Christmas.  It has become a tradition with my son’s and daughter’s families which Peter and I keep too.  Recently we had a session over our local fields which have a bumper crop of sweet, succulent berries this year.  It has been important to keep to these rituals for me as my summer months have not been as I anticipated, autumn and winter look set to follow a similar pattern.

I began a personal journey in June this year when a breast abscess developed in my left breast. Subsequent tests revealed early cancer cells too so early in July I had a biopsy followed in August with an operation to remove the cells, abscess and two lymph nodes. Tests showed all was clear.  September is a rest period of sorts waiting to begin radiotherapy in October.  Hopefully just after Christmas I will get the final all clear. I have been helped on my journey by family, friends, especially tremendous medical care and support which is ongoing.  People I have met along the way have been truly inspiring. Lots of humour has smoothed some difficult times but I feel so LUCKY. Odd word some may think but if I had not had the abscess the cells would not have been discovered until next summer when I was due a mammogram, there was no indication that anything untoward lay hidden away. So dear friends please have regular medical checks and scans.  I wasn’t going to write a blog this month or talk to you about this journey but I realise how much help I have had and want to share what a positive experience I am having.  Not everyone is so lucky I know.

Tricia recommended a book called Show Me by Laurie Ryan, yes our Laurie, which is so positive and well written, though poignant even sad at times it made me feel positive myself.   Tricia has been one of my mainstays through this process but the main thing we do is laugh!  Books, Music and the odd glass of Prosecco have been companions too and your blogs.  I do not want this blog to be depressing and hope you all understand that my journey is very different from other people’s experiences.  One thing I have learnt is that we are all different, react differently to situations but a smile along the way helps so much.

Enjoy September in your own ways but keep smiling.


8 responses to “September

  1. Jane, thank you sharing your journey. I went through something similar a few years ago with a great outcome. It wakes us up and for me I don’t slack on getting my checkups now. I’m so happy you are getting back to health. Enjoy the blackberry picking we used to do that to and haven’t for years.

    I’ve read Laurie’s Show Me, in fact ended up getting a number of print copies to pass along. It had the same positive effect on my that it did for you.

  2. Oh, Jane, what a change your year has taken on. Sigh. I’m so grateful to you for sharing your journey. Early detection is so important with breast cancer. With any cancer, for that matter. Thank you for the nod re: Show Me. I still can’t believe you read it as you were going through this. I tried to make it hopeful, but it’s not for the feint of heart. Whew. When I’m done with this comment, I’ll share your post on Facebook to help get the word out there about EARLY DETECTION. And LAUGHTER. That is the absolute best medicine of all. God bless Tricia. God bless you!

  3. Jane, thanks for sharing with us. I’m praying for a swift recovery and an all clear sign.

  4. Lovely inspiring post, Jane! What your blog doesn’t say is how amazingly positive you have been, and continue to be through the whole process. **Ladies, you should also know that Jane attended a breast care support meeting shortly after her operation in order to help others through their experience. That’s so typical of her! Of course, she won’t like me telling you that :)** So very grateful to that abscess, Janey.

    Loads of blackberries around these parts too. AJ always turns his nose up when I bring some home after gathering while out walking. He worries if birds have pooped on them or something. Not sure where he thinks the supermarket varieties come from!

  5. Thank you Trish. I have had great support. x

  6. Thank you too Laurie, Lavada and Marie. You are all kind and supportive. No doubt you’ll hear more about my journey over next stage. Laurie you are right laughter and smiles even in the darkest times offer hope. xxx

  7. I’m so very very glad it was caught early. And praying for the all clear for you. Keep up the good thoughts. Jillian

  8. Oh Jane, I do feel for you. Sorry to hear of your experience, and hopefully things will all be cleared soon. I too have just gone through very similar, though mine was following from a mammogram, thankfully after 7 traumatic biopsies taken, all was found to be okay. It’s vital these these are found and dealt with early. Good you have Tricia with you for support and providing that much needed medicine – laughter. She gave me a good telling off when she learned of my recent problem.

    Am off out now to play hunt the blackberries. Not many around here. There used to be loads around the docks at Portbury which Dave always picked for me. Sadly, the wasteground where they all were was ploughed up and built upon last winter so we have to find an alternative location as besides enjoying eating preferably with ice cream, blackberries make wonderful bramble gin!

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