Mt. Rainier

MTAUT1A friend and I ran up to the Mountain last month. We’d been having weather in the high 80’s and 90’s but this day it was in the mid 70’s. Perfect— or not. The mountain was fogged in. Oh well, the news had been reporting a line to get into the park. We breezed right in. As you might guess the photo is from a few years ago.

On the way up we passed a place that displayed metal art sculptures. The car did it’s 2016-08-28T21-46-46-40usual U’eee and we pulled into an experience. First of all it was extremely clean. It even had an outhouse that was cleaner than many inhouses. The gift shop wasn’t open so guess 2016-08-28T21-46-46-66we need to think about a return trip :), but we walked around and enjoyed the peace and art. I wish I had taken a picture of the inside of the outhouse.2016-08-28T21-46-46-70

Next stop at Longmire for a browse through the gift shop and a potty break. Until then it was overcast but no fog. That changed about the time we hit the first parking lot. It’s down from the Visitor Center and Lodge and used for hikers and people that want to stay longer than the two hours designated for the upper lot. Going up we noted a sign that said parking full (guess thats why no waiting at the entrance. Everyone was ahead of us), we drove on hoping to park on the side of the road. Didn’t happen, almost at once the road turned into a one-way and was going down. We drove for what seemed like forever until I was pretty sure we were headed down the eastern side of the mountain. We finally pulled over and looked at the park map. Why don’t we do that sooner? I thought only guys didn’t look at maps or ask directions. 🙂

After a few miles we came back on the main road and again made our way up the mountain. After driving around the upper lot a few time we ended up in the lower lot and walked up the mountain. I am soooo out of shape.

Scones at the lodge and wandering around we headed back down. We finally got a glimpse of the mountain after we exited the park. We stopped for lunch at Elbe at the Mt. Rainier Railroad Dining Co. We ate there with Laurie and Mark a few years ago. Remember that trip Laurie?


Even with the fog it was full beautiful day.  Stuffed with a decadent hamburger and the scone I vowed to do it again it’s a great day trip.







11 responses to “Mt. Rainier

  1. We love the drive up to Mt. Rainier and do it 2 or 3 times a year. It’s a lovely drive through the trees and we see something new each time, it feels like. And I do remember that lunch. We did the steam train ride there, too, and it was a blast! 🙂

  2. Sounds like a super fun trip we haven’t been up there for years need to make that trip soon. Vthanks for sharing the nice pictures!!

  3. This is like a step back in time in some ways but the scenery must be fantastic particularly with the fall colours. What a great day out. I love the photos too thanks for sharing.

  4. What a fab trip. Laughing at your ‘map’ reference! And stopping for scones at that Lodge sounds yummy. Glad you got a glimpse of the mountain 🙂

    • I’m sort of known for getting lost. Well not lost, lost but we definitely see places we didn’t plan. We’ll put the Mountain on the agenda for when you travel this way.

  5. Awesome. It brought back memories of my visit a year ago. Such fun and the scones WERE amazing. That cute ironwork place looks right up my alley. If you go back, be sure to post more pics. Jillian.

  6. What a great trip, the scenery must have been stunning at this time of year. Love the photos.:)

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