Sadness and Love

I’m not sure what to write about today. I know what I need to start with, and that’s that last month, we lost our mother, Florence, at age 92. Sigh. There is a profound sadness in losing someone we were so close to. No way to get around that. But there were so many blessings that we have mostly managed to focus on all the memories. Mom didn’t suffer and her passing was peaceful. As well, we have a large enough family that we managed to have someone with her at the hospice facility 24/7.

Mom’s Celebration of Life turned into a weekend of hugs, happy memories, and love abounding, from the Friday night spaghetti feed at my brother’s to set up the tables to the Saturday service where over 100 people showed up to remember her. I might have dodged some of the harder work Friday and Saturday by getting in the pool with the grandchildren. They needed an in-pool lifeguard, I was certain of it. 🙂

We visited through the afternoon and well into the night, then again on Sunday before the out-of-towners had to leave. It was a weekend of stories, laughter, and tears and I will remember it always with smiles and love. We did it Mom’s way. Informal, relaxed, and with a lot of hugging.

So while sadness still fills a portion of my heart, there are just too many happy memories to let it take over. I’m grateful to my mother for everything she taught us, but mostly, I’m grateful for the love she surrounded us with.

Then n Now 2

scan0067I will miss her forever, but I will also smile each and every time I think of her.

So now it’s time to find a new normal, after eight months of taking care of Mom. I’m lucky, being retired from a 9-5 job. My writing and editing have been on hold for a while and I’ve promised myself to take September off to “process.” I’m dealing with Mom’s will and her remaining belongings and I just don’t want to push myself at all.

Well, I managed to fill an entire blog talking about Mom and myself and our family, so I guess any other subjects will have to wait for October. For now, I hope you all have an easy transition into Autumn. It seems to have already arrived here, even though there are 3 weeks left of summer. I am one of the minority (I think) who likes the crisp coolness of fall.

Have an awesome September, everyone!


10 responses to “Sadness and Love

  1. Your mother is beautiful. Looking at the pictures reminds me that I wasn’t born 60 or 70. So many times we meet people when they are older and don’t see them as ever being our age. I did that when I younger, not so much anymore. Wonder why? 🙂

    We’ve said it before but I can’t say it enough. We are so very blessed with our families. It makes for a beautiful world.

    I’m with you on autumn days. Especially when they are crisp and dry. Not so much the rain. We’ve been spoiled this year and with the A/C I installed last year I’ve enjoyed every day of it.

  2. We ARE blessed. I couldn’t agree more. And we didn’t use the A/C as much this year. Much shorter summer season, it seemed to me.

  3. Oh, Laurie, I am so sorry. Your mother was a beautiful lady and I know you will all miss her. She was blessed with a lovely family. I simply dread the day I have to go through the same thing. Take each day one step at a time and enjoy catching your breath through September. 🙂

  4. Oh yes, Laurie. Your mum was a beautiful lady. The photos of her are gorgeous. I’m glad your family was able to get together for a lovely weekend to celebrate her life. Take it easy if you can and certainly don’t push your way through. Nice and easy does it.

  5. So very sorry about your mother. I’m glad you all got to come together for a family love weekend. Blessings on you all. Jillian

  6. And she was one gorgeous woman!!

  7. Big hugs, Laurie. You’re mom was a wonderful woman and I’m so sorry for your loss. Take all the time you need.

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