Okay, decision made…or not!

I have to be the world’s worst decision maker, or that’s how it feels sometimes. Right now I’m trying to make a decision, not a particularly major one, but one that concerns my writing career and so is important to me. Today I’ve driven poor AJ mad with the shall I’s or shan’t I’s. He’s such a patient chap and listens to me (really listens) and then offers his sage advice. In contrast, he’s a ‘think of things from all angles’ man and after due consideration, he makes his decision and sticks to it. No ifs, buts or maybe’s. Oh, how I envy him.

Over the years I’ve tried loads of techniques for making decisions, including the old staple the pros and cons list, the sleep on it, the worst case scenario…but right now a decision is eluding me. There’s always the fear that whatever I decide it will be wrong but by then my fate will be sealed. The following quote I read years ago is guaranteed to send chills down my spine:

“A man spends his life climbing the ladder,
only to find when he reaches the top,
that it’s been against the wrong wall.”

So, what I’m wondering is how do you make decisions? Are you a major to-er and fro-er like me, or do you make decisions fairly easily. If the latter, I’m begging you to let me in on your process. My long suffering hubby will be ever grateful.

9 responses to “Okay, decision made…or not!

  1. Good luck Trish, you know often I talk big decisions over with a good friend (you!), pros and cons list, “blue sky thinking”, walk the dog. But you won’t be on the wrong wall have faith. Sorry no fail safe way – impossible!

    • Yes, we need a blue sky thinking day pretty soon 🙂 If only there was a fail safe way to make decisions, but where would be the fun in that I suppose. Onward and upward…

  2. I can so relate. I usually flip things around in my mind for a bit and then go for it one way or the other. Then lay in bed (seems to be when I do the sorting out and play the heck with getting to sleep) and think, “What the devil have I done.” I do this mainly on things that I can’t take back like when I bought this place and still had the one with huge acreage. It’s called buyers remorse. Things like deciding to stop writing like I did almost a year ago is easier because I usually slowly edge into it and I leave a way to get back,

    Most or at least a lot of decisions aren’t set in concrete. I’d like to say I lay it all out in pro and con lists but an awful lot of what I do is with emotion vs logic.

    Wish you were closer I’d be heading your way for coffee or tea about now.

    • Wish you were closer too! You’re right, most decisions aren’t set in concrete. It’s just easy to get bogged down when the way isn’t clear cut. Oh, and I know those ‘what the devil have I done’ moments so well 🙂

  3. I’m a pros and cons lister (Okay, so I’m a list-maker in any instance.) But honestly, that doesn’t necessarily work because some pros or cons weigh more than others. So ultimately, I try to envision what choice will make me happy a month from now, a year from now, five years from now. Sorry, not much help.

  4. Yes, I tend to fall back on the pros and cons list, Laurie, but as you say that isn’t always clear cut either. If only it were 🙂

  5. You’re as bad as me. I hate making decisions for precisely the reasons in that quote! Am free for coffee or lunch if you want to another head to bounce things off. 🙂

  6. Hope you made the decision! I sometimes dither too but eventually it gels. Hoping yours did. Jillian

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