One Simple Thing …

Recently Peter, my husband, and I visited Ikea to buy a single, fitted sheet for our Ikea bed which  we bought whilst living in Spain, sounds simple!  Ikea is a 40 minute drive away and we arrived about 4.30pm.  I had mentioned to my daughter, Kate, we were going and told two friends, Pam and Sue.

Kate asked if I would pick up a pizza cutter as hers had got lost in a recent move, I suspect thrown in the rubbish bin! Pam asked if we could buy 10 white dinner plates for a party she’s planning soon.  Sue asked if we could buy a lamp she needed!  So 3 extra things and the single sheet.

Peter is very tolerant!  We started the journey around Ikea when he spotted some bedding, which we sort of needed but we couldn’t agree on patterns SO we bought two sets!  Continuing through the crowds wandering aimlessly like robots we eventually reach the Market Hall.  Collect pizza cutter (plus a cute washing up brush with a sticker on the end) and Pam’s plates avoiding unnecessary temptations. Oh except a bargain pack of paper napkins which always come in useful! On to the Lighting, I had a photo of said lamp but couldn’t find exact copy or at the price Sue had quoted.  Eventually with help from two assistants, a man looking for same lamp for his mother, Peter and photo we bought a lamp!  Ah then I spotted the candles!! Cannot visit Ikea without stocking up on candles!  Once candle has burnt out the glass holders make handy desert dishes (trust me! But storage becomes an issue after a while!!)  Now the sheet.  “Helpfully” Ikea now stock their bedding in UK sizes not European which my original sheet and bed are.  The same size as my local Sainsbury’s supermarket 10 minutes walk away from the house! Luckily we could laugh about  the whole escapade.  On the way to the check out we passed some handy garden tables, I had mentioned one previously, so in the trolley it went!

So to our one simple thing, the sheet,  was added 2 sets of bedding, 10 plates, a lamp, a pizza cutter and a washing up brush and not forgetting the table. Oh and don’t forget the candles!!

I know this is a silly blog but sadly no photos taken (no time!) so hope the word picture works.

I will be out of action for a few weeks in August but will luxuriate in my new bedding whilst reading my book and sipping herb tea.  Lucky or what?

9 responses to “One Simple Thing …

  1. Loved your blog, Jane! I can certainly relate to your shopping trip and, ah, the ubiquitous cute washing up brush with sticker on the end…I have one in red and another in green!! And the moral of the tale? Never tell friends or family that you’re going to Ikea 🙂 Enjoy those candles!

  2. I wish I could have taken a video! It still makes me smile. But never again will it be a friends and family shop! There are limits. Well – I might just let you know … x

  3. OMG love it. And, yes you painted a very vivid picture though I’d have love to seen a video. Enjoy the time off and extra reading time.

  4. It’s getting funnier as time goes on, current joke is “when you go to Ikea next could you get me …!” It could become addictive. A friend of our’s once met a lady at the opening of a new Ikea store in UK who went to EVERY new store when it opened to check out food! True story.

  5. Valerie J. Patterson

    Enjoyed the read. Isn’t that how it always goes? I can never go into a store and leave with what’s on the list. Mostly I leave with extras and a couple things I forgot to get that were on the list!

  6. We all do that – I hope! Makes life interesting! Glad blog made you smile.

  7. Loved the blog, Jane. Sounds very much like Dave and I when we go out shopping together. Costs us a fortune! Have never been to Ikea and methinks it’s best avoided with Dave. 🙂

  8. Definitely an experience for once in one’s life but maybe alone! Be strong though and avoid temptation! Coffee’s not too bad either!!

  9. IKEA will do that to you. I’ve found lots of goodies as I rambled around, usually lost. It’s def an experience. Always. Yours sounds like an adventure. Jillian

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