We’ve Gone A Little Potty

So, here we are: the start of August, middle of summer, and yes, it’s tipping with rain for the second day running. After the driest July on record for the UK, we’ve had more rain in the West Country in one day than for the whole of last month. Typical! At least it isn’t cold, but this dismal weather is a disappointment. I was looking forward to spending the week enjoying the sunshine in the garden with my mother, who’s staying here for a while. The trip was planned for some time but bought forward by an unfortunate accident, one that has brought amusement to the family.

Mum is unable to walk far or do a lot around the house or her large garden due to an ongoing back condition. My sister, who also lives on her own, has been taking care of her for the past year, doing her shopping, helping around the house, and looking after the garden. A few weeks ago, Ursula tripped on a damaged paving slab in the street, fell and broke her wrist in several places, needing surgery to insert a metal plate, such was the severity of the injury. Obviously, this means she is now out of action for some weeks and unable to do much for herself, let alone for Mum. Fortunately, my other sister, Ursula’s twin, lives near both of them, and Lydia has been doing all the driving, errands, personal help, and shopping etc, for both.  Mum was upset because she could doing little in return for Ursula,  having broken her own wrist several years ago so knows what it is like to cope with one arm in plaster. So Mum thought now was a good time to come and stay in order to give both my sisters a break (excuse the pun!).

What amused the family, although it is no laughing matter, was the coincidence that the very same day Ursula took her tumble, our brother in Spain, also fell over, and broke his wrist too! They are all now waiting for it to happen to me; I’m the only one in the family not to have broken a wrist.


20160802_113410Mum is/was an avid gardener, loves plants and enjoys pottering about outside a little but nothing that involves bending. She loves seeing our garden and we share lots of tips, hints and advice, all of us always eager to learn. Spring provided  a lovely display but the summer show isn’t at its best this year. We’ve not done a lot because the beds are being ripped out this autumn, ready for the big revamp (new larger patio, larger greenhouse, new fencing etc; at least, that’s the plan). To make up for the shortfall, we’ve gone rather overboard with pots and containers; far more than usual. We love bold colours, colour clashes and perfume and the bright colours do bring rays of sunshine to the garden despite the rain.

20160802_113743But with the pouring rain, all we can do at the moment is enjoy the display from the patio window. With luck, the weather will improve over the next few days to enable Mum and me to get out there, put up the sunshade and enjoy some summer sun in the garden, preferably reading a book and enjoying a cocktail or two.

Hold on a moment… is that a bit of blue sky I can see creeping over the horizon?

9 responses to “We’ve Gone A Little Potty

  1. You’re garden, even in pots, is absolutely beautiful! As for the broken wrists, ouch! I broke mine badly 20 years ago and still remember how hard that was to deal with. So while I’m glad you get this time with your mother, I feel for your sis and brother! And for your mother’s back. Pain is not fun. Enjoy this time, and the garden. The sun will be back. 🙂

    • Still waiting for summer here, Laurie. We’ve been promised a few warm days this week, but no sign yet! Sister’s wrist healing nicely, but sadly Mum’s back won’t improve but she’s coping well. 🙂

  2. Your garden is amazing and I hope you’ll share the revamp next year with us. I’ve never had a broken bone but lately I can relate to the back problem. No fun. And, it definitely limits what I’m doing.

    We have had a different year from last weather wise. Not so hot or least not since around April. We have some days but since they aren’t in succession the house doesn’t heat up. I’ve only used the A/C 5 times. My garden hasn’t liked the early summer though.

    • Have no fear, once the revamp begins the camera will be clicking away. Hopefully will start in the autumn. Perhaps by then summer will be here as it’s been pretty lousy so far! Poor Mum only managed one day sitting in the garden on her visit. 🙂

  3. A wonderful array of colour. Beautiful display. At least rain has stopped at last so you can enjoy sitting outside, if you have time after dead-heading, de-slugging and weeding! Well worth the effort! Enjoy.

  4. Hope you and your mum managed to get out in the garden, Kit, especially as the weather seems to have improved somewhat the last few days. What a coincidence about the falls in your family – make sure you guard those wrists of yours! 🙂 As always, I’m inspired by your gardening expertise and am looking forward to seeing things first-hand tomorrow!

    • We never got the opportunity to explore the garden this week, did we, Tricia? We were too busy eating and chatting with the girls, but well worth it. I’m treading very carefully from now on, I must break the chain of broken wrists in this family. 🙂

  5. Valerie J. Patterson

    Hope you and your mom eventually got to enjoy your beautiful and colorful garden. What a peaceful setting it appears. So sorry for the sister and brother wrist breaks. Hope they are both recovering nicely. Hope you’ve had some brilliant sunshine as well!!

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