2016-07-07T17-04-44-446As I write this, a week before it’s scheduled to be published, I’m going through withdrawals. Teddy went home this morning after a two-week stay with me and the house is too quiet. It’s helping that I have a full day, but I’m thinking tonight will be another thing.

Teddy looks, and acts like a puppy, but he will be eleven in October. He’s spaniel and poodle so doesn’t shed and doesn’t mat. And, soft and cuddly and just well ‘perfect’. In the two weeks he’s been here he’s made a home where he patrols and is intimately familiar with every square inch of yard. Yesterday I went to the neighborhood monthly coffee. Coming home as I got closer to the house I could hear him crying, actually howling. This was a first, and was heartbreaking to hear.

He’s one of those dogs that is HAPPY in capital !!! letters. I’ve learned a lot from the dogs in my life and Teddy is adding another level. This time in the pure JOY category.


13 responses to “Teddy

  1. What a cutie! I know we’ve talked about this and that you’re not ready to go out and get your own Teddy. So dog-sitting seems to be the best of both worlds for you. I’m so glad you’ve gotten to hang with this little sweetheart.

    • Dog sitting is working out so well. The day before we left for the trip, Teddy’s person called frantic. She had lost him. She was working in the yard and thought he might have slipped through the gate. They have a small backyard and he wasn’t in sight plus she had looked under the deck. So a neighborhood search began. And….. when we got back to her place I said, “Let’s take another look in the backyard. As soon as he heard our voices he came out from somewhere. Happy, happy, happy. I’m pretty sure he has a rabbit nest in the nether regions of the under the deck. 🙂

  2. Oh, Teddy is adorable and I can imagine you’ve had a whole lot of fun with this happy boy. Will you be dog-sitting him again?

    • I’m pretty sure I will have him. And, Sugar is spending a few days next month. Both of the special puppies are fun and I’m get the best of having them, sort of like grand kids.

  3. Teddy is so sweet it must leave a gap when he leaves. Hope he visits again soon.

    • Both Teddy and Sugar are neighbors so I see Sugar almost everyday. Karen walks her and they stop by for a treat. We laugh because she’s been observed with Karen walking her until they are a few yards from my place and then she is walking Karen. Teddy’s people bring him buy frequently. Really the perfect life for me. 🙂

  4. You need a puppy😪😪it’s just hard when you travel. Dog sitting is fun though.

    • I got home Monday night and Laureen brought him over yesterday for a visit. He is so funny. He jumped up on my lap and then did a doggy hug like only he can.

  5. Teddy is gorgeous and obviously love you lots. Hope you get to look after him again soon but so good he gets the chance to visit often. 🙂

  6. Valerie J. Patterson

    Teddy is HUGE, Lavada! And very handsome. I hope you’ve had a chance to see him again. I have a feeling he has missed you as much as you have missed him.

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