It’s Ladies’ Night by Valerie J. Patterson

It’s ladies’ night!  Oh what a night!

Last month I invited the ladies from the office over for a little dinner and some poker.  I expected it to be a good night.  I expected us to have a couple hours of playing cards, eating, and talking.  I expected everyone to have a good time.

I was wrong…

It was a great night!  It was several hours of non-stop laughter and shenanigans!  And everyone had a fantastic time!

I can’t wait to do it again!

Oh my!  Put five ladies in a room together, add a deck of cards, some poker chips, food, snacks, wine, and dessert [and a charming male who makes intermittent appearances throughout the evening] and you have the recipe for an exceptional evening!

We ate.  We played poker.  We ate again.  We played poker.  We ate again.  We played more poker.  We talked about everything under the sun, laughed at ourselves, discussed work for perhaps 30 seconds, and then went straight into carrying on again.

Did I mention we played poker and ate?

It’s good to get together and get away from the stress of the job, the worries of the family, and just relax and laugh and share…and be with other women who understand that we all need to escape once in a while, let our hair down, and be completely at ease being who we are individually.

The time passed so quickly that evening, but oh my how fun it was to be there in the midst of it all as one of the gals!

Until next time, may you gather your friends together, laugh until the cows come home, and play a little poker!

12 responses to “It’s Ladies’ Night by Valerie J. Patterson

  1. Sounds fabulous. No pictures? Next time you’ll need to consider pictures so you’ll be able to look back on these wonderful events.

    • Valerie J. Patterson

      Ah, yes, next time I must get pictures. That’s what Steve said once everyone was gone. Missed a great opportunity for some great candid shots!!

  2. What an awesome evening with your co-workers. If they weren’t friends before, they are now. I love your final sentiment, too. We all need to laugh and get away from it all once in a while.

    • Valerie J. Patterson

      They’re co-workers who really seem like family! Best kind of workmates to have! And, yes, laughter really is the best medicine.

  3. It was a great night! Thanks!

  4. Sounds like a real fun evening, Valerie! Time spent with girlfriends is always special. And yes, next time we need photos!

    • Valerie J. Patterson

      Exactly right, Tricia…time with girlfriends is so special. You can just kick back and be yourself and have fun!

  5. Sounds a great night, good for the soul to spend fun time with the girls!

    • Valerie J. Patterson

      Good for the soul! Definitely true, Jane. Girlfriends are just sisters from other families. We all need them as much as they need us!

  6. Brilliant! And a great idea. When the chips are down, call in the girlfriends and get the poker chips out and have fun. 🙂

    • Valerie J. Patterson

      It was an exceptional evening, Kit. Being with your girlfriends just allows one to escape their cares and worries for a break of time.

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