When did July Show Up?

I can’t believe half the year is already gone.  I’m trying to figure out what happened.

I hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th of July.  My great-nephew’s birthday was the 5th, so we had his party on the 3rd.  He didn’t want too much this year, and being a good great-aunt I found the one thing on his wish list he would love.  And iPod.

The birthday boy turned 10 this year and his iPod is old, really old.  So I started looking online and ended up ordering the iPod from Apple.  After much texting with his mom to get the right color and inscription.

I have never seen a happier birthday boy when he realized what was inside the box.  It was funny, I wrapped his gift, but left it in the box it came in.  He pulled the paper off and turned the box over and said: Okay, it’s a box.

He opened the box and still didn’t realize what it was until he pulled off the white paper around the iPod case.  His face lite up.  At first he thought it was a phone, but now with all those nifty apps out there he can make phone calls on it.

Thank goodness it was fully charged because he never let it out of his sight or hands for the entire party.  Even getting his own basketball hoop could compete.  I was happy I could get him something he wanted and would enjoy.

Yes, I probably spoiled the kid, but since my only kid is 4 legged, and really doesn’t do electronics, I guess its okay.

And what would a month be without a Penny picture.  This was taken a week ago when I was frantically working on getting a book done before deadline.  My little sweetie knows when mommy needs to be left alone to write.




7 responses to “When did July Show Up?

  1. Being a Great Aunt, or Grandmother is….. well it doesn’t get much better than that. I enjoyed the Mom times but really loved the Grandma times and still do. Sound like you enjoyed the giving as much as he enjoyed the getting which makes the gift even more special. Great July Penny picture, she’s better the calendar pinups. 🙂

  2. Hello, sweet Penny! And hello to you, too, Marie! You did good with the nephew. Tech will always go over well, I think. He can make phone calls on his ipod? That’s crazy. Hopefully, he can’t download Pokemon Go on it. That game has me a little worried about where kids will go and what they’ll be paying attention to as they are walking.

    • Oh yeah, Pokemon Go is crazy and no he can’t get it on his iPod because Pokemon Go needs a data plan and doesn’t work on WiFi thank goodness. I’ve been seeing the Pokemon crazy.

      • Pokemon Go is already insane here. Took some kids to a home that’s a sex-offender rehab house…not to mention adults wandering into private backyards, etc. LOVE the concept, but they need to go at it like geocaching, letting people put “Pokemons” out there and log the coordinates.

  3. I know how you feel time is zapping by!

  4. It’s a great-aunt’s duty to spoil the great niece/nephew – it’s what we’re here for. I mean, I do it all the time. He’s happy, you’re happy – sorted. And as to where this year’s going, it’s now nearly August and I’m still waiting for summer. Don’t think we’re going to get one here. Another good excuse to start trawling the travel brochures. A hug to Penny, I always enjoy seeing her here.

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