I Have a Grand Dog! 

Jillian here. It’s been a month of stress around here with the day job and I apologize for not being around to comment but I’m going to be better, I promise.  

My son and DIL have been trying to adopt a dog for a while now and kept being turned done since they both work full time. It seems a number of places are super strict about someone being home with the animal most of the day. I get that in some ways but it does leave a lot of people out, doesn’t it? 

They finally got approved at an adoption day at Petco and brought their little girl named Primm home today. She was named Ginger but they changed it.  Here’s a photo. Isn’t she cute? We aren’t telling Hobbes. 😉

I also have a new book out as of yesterday.  It’s under my other name, Sherry Chancellor and is a humorous romance called “Rex, the Ex and the Hex.” I think it’s my best work. The editor said tears were streaming down her face in laughter. Made me happy. 😀

Happy July. 

11 responses to “I Have a Grand Dog! 

  1. Awww so cute. She is for sure loving that chewy. And, congrats on the new Release. I am following your blog at https://jillianchantal.com do you have another one for Sherry Chancellor? By the way love the cover for “Rex, the Ex and the Hex”

  2. She’s adorable! And the name reminds me of the sweet loving Prim from Mockingjay. And congrats on the new release!!!

    • Thanks. She seems easy going from the minutes I got to see her on face time. I like the name too. He said it was from something from when they were in England. Thanks re: book.

  3. What a cute dog they will be great “parents”. By grandson had trouble getting a puppy because he was in school and both his parents worked. When he finally got approved he got a six week old who is now 6 she has had a wonderful like , lots of walks, camping trips and run of the house all day.

    • Thanks Nancy. I think they will give her a great life too. They love to walk and camp. Kind of like your grandson and his pup. So glad he got one, too. I adore animals. So sweet.

  4. Ooh, she’s gorgeous! Adoption centres are the same here in the UK, Jillian, and tend to want people who are home most of the day. While I understand it on one level, I also think an animal who is loved and has all its needs cared for is the top priority. I often wonder how many little treasures are homed with people who might be home most of the day but who might be neglected on some level or another. Anyway, so pleased for your new addition to the family. 🙂

    • She is adorable. And I agree with you on the people who may be home but ignoring the animal. It happens. And sadly, there are animal lovers who are turned down because they have to work. My son is going home every day at lunch to play with her. And she is not left in a crate. She has the run of two rooms. People who work can make it work. I had a neighbor once who didn’t work but kept their dog chained up outside most of the day. That’s so much worse. It seems shelters are short sighted sometimes.


  5. Primm’s adorable and well done for finally succeeding. So pleased for you. We always wanted a dog but as we both worked full time decided it wasn’t fair to leave one alone all day. Congratulations on the new book. Love the cover.

    • thanks Kit. Yeah. Dogs need a lot of attention and it’s important to know we have the time to dedicate to them. I grew up with a dog that I totally adored but I know now I couldn’t have one with as much as I work and travel.

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