Better late than never…

During our married life, AJ and I have moved ten times within six different counties here in the UK. We’ve loved our travels, especially living in new places and meeting new people, but when we moved into our current house almost twenty years ago now, we both sensed it was home.

I’d always been pretty happy to live a kind of nomadic existence, not really putting down roots anywhere because I knew AJ would likely come home and tell me he’d been promoted in his career and we were off to pastures new. They were exciting and adventurous times, but I’m happy to have those roots down now.

20160523_075020When we moved in here, one of the first things I wanted to do was redesign the garden. It was a good sized space, but the patio and paths were beginning to crumble and looking worse for wear. But there always seemed to be something else in the house that needed attention first, so the garden was put on the back burner. We travelled a lot too, so that took up a lot of available funds πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

20160527_111232Anyway, after we adopted Vivvy last year and following a winter of waterlogged lawns, almost non-existent pathways, and the resultant muddy paws, we decided to take the plunge and hire a landscaper to get to grips with the garden. Poor Vivvy wondered what on earth was happening as over ten ton of concrete was broken up and disposed of in what she thinks of as her domain. When the way was prepared for the new landscaping, she decided to put her mark on proceedings and promptly stepped in the newly-laid concrete bed, much to the chagrin (and consequent laughter) of the landscapers.

20160604_185656Soon the garden of my twenty-year dreams began to take shape and I have to admit to being absolutely thrilled with the result. I’ve gained a gorgeous new patio, another area for planting, and a path that I can actually walk on rather than simply negotiate pot holes.20160615_154819

Okay, so it took almost two decades but then everything worth having is worth waiting for. Now I’m enjoying researching plants to go along the wall edge of the patio, for which I’ll be needing help. So, does anyone have any ideas for plants that will provide year-round foliage, while growing tallish, but not too wide, and offering some colour in the spring/summer months? Any suggestions gratefully received.


10 responses to “Better late than never…

  1. I absolutely love the new look. Congratulations I can see some enjoyable outdoor time in your future. And, some great nursery visits where you can pick up idea’s on what to plant. Keep up posted as ‘the look’ progresses. And to quote my cousin. The garden is never finished as it is always a work in progress. And, I might add, a very enjoyable work.

  2. I am horrid at picking out the right plants for an area. And a patio is even worse for me. I do okay with annuals, but prennials, those flowering plant and shrubs are completely out of my realm of expertise. Sorry.
    However, can I say how stunning your yard looks. From my perspective, it doesn’t look like you need a thing! What an awesome patio!
    Enjoy, Tricia. It’s been a long time coming, but you’ll enjoy it for years and years.

  3. How pretty. I’m working on getting Jim to do a little patio out in the field that I took over from the cows.??i mow it, moved a table chair and umbrella out there. Made a raised bed for little garden stuff and love to sit out there. We have actually had dinner with both dogs, the cat and the cows looking over the fence at us. Now all I need is some brick😍😍

  4. Love the patio, Tricia, it looks fabulous. I bet you are well pleased. As to what to plant there, there is so much to consider, ie, how much sun, shade wind etc does it receive, north or south facing. Much is trial and error but a good garden centre should be able to advise. Another tip is having a look in neighbours gardens and see what does well there. I’m very much into heucheras at the moments, lots of different coloured leaves most of the year and flowers, if a bit plain but they are low growing but seem to love it in the shadier parts under other shrubs. Will be keen to see it in the flesh when we next visit. Meanwhile let’s hope we get some decent weather for the three of you to enjoy it. πŸ™‚

  5. What a great excuse to have a nose at my neighbours’ gardens, Kit! LOL! A real ‘over the backyard fence’ snoop! I’m going to take a look at those heucheras, they sound perfect for parts of my garden too. I did buy an evergreen night-scented jasmine for one of the new corner plant areas, but someone told me that they grow huge, so might have to move that one.

    And fingers crossed for that fine weather. Summer must be along soon, surely?

    • Yes, jasmines can be bit of a thug and if you prune you will lose next year’s flowers as bloom on last year’s growth, so only cut back have of it at a time. Same with honeysuckle. Honeysuckle and clematis good for growing up through taller shrubs and trees. Double wammy!

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