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Debbie Macomber Tea Room

2016-05-23T08-55-30-964Another great day trip close to home is Debbie Macomb’s Tea Room and Good Yarn shop in Port Orchard, Washington.

When I first moved to Jubilee in 2013 I joined the local Red Hat group. I’d never thought I would ever do this, but they were going on so many great day trips. I’ve never been sorry, especially with this lunch trip to Port Orchard.

My pictures don’t do it justice so you may want to visit the website at http://victoriantearoomandgifts.com There is a gift shop adjoining the Tea Room where you’ll find ‘special’ selections. It isn’t a large place and the food is exceptional so I’d recommend you make reservations.

2016-05-23T08-55-30-946Next to the Tea Room is the Good Yarn shop where the colors alone make you want to get creative. Even if you don’t knit or crochet it is an experience to see all the beautiful yarns.

Of course there are Debbie’s books and I can never pass up a chance to buy the latest good read. I selected “Last One Home”. Cassie Carter and her two sisters were close growing up, but all that changed when she ran away and married a man that caused an estrangement with her family.

Now with the end of her marriage she is back in Seattle and working to pick up her life for herself and her daughter. Mending her relationship with her sisters tells the  power of love and family in regaining what they lost.