I’ve thought a lot about what I might blog about this month and came up with nothing.  So as I’m lying in bed thinking “this has to get done”, I thought about this last few weeks and how emotional they have been for this Grandma.  Now I do love farming but most of all I love those grandkids and we’ve been fortunate enough to have them all grow up within a few miles from us.

This last week out youngest grandson graduated high school.  Eighteen years ago he was still in the hospital fighting for his life.  Even the doctor that came in on Monday morning couldn’t believe he was still alive.  He has always been a fighter but in a quiet kind of way.

First he tried soccer and Little League but his bag was too heavy so enough of that!  When he was in elementary school I would go to pick him up and have to spend a half hour looking for him.  Always I would find him in a classroom visiting with a teacher.  Through high school he got very involved in Student  Government and his senior year was Associated Student Body President.  It didn’t matter what was going on at the school you would find him there, usually in his jeans, shirt and tie.  He never missed a play, sporting event, band concert or maybe it was just parent conference night and of course, School Board meetings and City Counsel meetings.

Graduation night brought back so many memories and it was both a sad and happy time for all of us.  Two of the teachers were giving their speeches and the microphone quit working.  As they fiddle with it, up jumped Keaton from the front row, jumped up on stage took the microphone and had it fixed is a few seconds (and it worked the rest of the night).  I heard a lady behind me say “I don’t know what they are going to do up here next year without him.  That certainly brought tears to this Grandma’s eyes.  One of his teachers wrote him a recommendation for a scholarship application and on it she said “We joke that Keaton runs the school but in reality he does”.

Next fall he will be off to college and we will miss him so much, but he is not so far away that we couldn’t drive down on a weekend for a quick lunch.  Just what he probably wants is for his grandma to come to college.

This little guy, that we thought might not survive has turned in to an amazing young man, honor student, friend and as his Dad would say “a politician”—YIKES.  They say Great things come in Small packages and we certainly found this to be true.

Have a wonderful summer and enjoy your families, time flies by so quickly.


5 responses to “GRADUATION

  1. Keaton sounds like an amazing young man, and I applaud his spirit. We went to our goddaughter’s graduation last week and it was so nice to see all the accolades and here how well everyone did. It fills you with hope for our future, doesn’t it? And, in light of recent events, we need that hope!

  2. What an amazing family, as always your posts make me realize all the good things in the world. We need more Keaton’s and I’m betting he will welcome your future college visits. Especially if you bring food. 🙂

  3. What a lovely post, Nancy. Keaton sounds like a fine young man with a very bright future. As Lavada said, I’m betting he will love his visits from his grandma.

  4. Valerie J. Patterson

    Keaton sounds like a great young man. And the love in your words as you “speak” of him brought tears to my eyes. I’m certain you will miss him as he begins this new adventure called college, but he will miss you as well and part you play in his life.

  5. An amazing man and one to be surely proud of. He’s going to go far in this world, that’s for certain. Great post.

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