Heat and Penny

Well we got some really hot weather here in the last week, into the mid 90’s.  I finally dragged the AC unit out and wrestled it into position after much swearing and sweating.  But I’m glad I did.  As I’ve said before me and heat don’t get along.

Oh but Miss Penny loves it.  She wanted outside, every half hour even if it was just to stand on the patio for a few minutes and soak up the rays.  Then she’d come back in, flop into her bed like she’d been running for an hour.

I watch her very carefully, because she is a small dog but also because she’s fair skinned.  What’s funny is my dog gets a tan, I burn.  Yep, her little skin turns brown/black.  I asked the vet about it last year because I got worried and the vet said it’s fine.  Thank goodness.

Miss Penny had her first of her twice yearly vet check up a few weeks ago, and she came with a clean bill of health.  Which made me very happy.  And luckily right before this hot weather hit, I had Penny groomed so she got rid of all the hair she had, I’m hoping she appreciated it.

So here’s a picture of Penny out in the sun – it’s hard to get her to stay still for me to get a picture.


And here’s one from later that night after being in and out all day in the sun:



8 responses to “Heat and Penny

  1. We had a little dog, that like Penny, loved the heat. She was the one laying in front of the stove in the winter and on the patio in the summer. I’m more like you and don’t do well when it gets over 80. I’ve had the A/C, installed during the heat wave last year, on only twice so far but knowing I have it removes the stress of anticipating being miserably hot.

    I saw an article that said that here in the Pacific NW only 11% of homes have A/C in comparison of 85% nation wide. If this trend of the last couple of years continue that will change. I can remember when A/C wasn’t standard in cars.

    • I remember when you had to pay extra for AC in your car. Last summer was horrible, that’s when I got the portable unit. I’m thinking about doing central AC since my house is fairly new I’m pretty sure the duct work is there.

      • I’m guessing your duct work is there but you may want to price out the ductless ones as they are becoming popular. We installed two in rentals last year and I priced one out for here instead of the heat pump but it turned out the heat pump was the way to go for me.

  2. She’s one pooped pup after some time in the sun, eh? And I hope the portable is enough for you. Actually, I’m hoping we don’t have as hot a summer this year as we did last year. Yikes!

  3. Lovely photos! I have a sun/heat loving girl too. In fact, tried to put some sun block on her but she was having none of it 🙂

  4. Lovely photos. She’s one hell of a cool dude! BTW, I didn’t realise dogs could get sunburn!

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